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    Take the guesswork out of technology decisions

    Selecting one provider over another can be confusing and is often subjective. The Login Enterprise Platform provides industry benchmarks you can use to objectively evaluate performance and compare potential VDI, DaaS, or Windows® systems based on your unique technology stack.

    • Optimize investments by accurately identifying the best hardware and infrastructure based on performance, cost, and resiliency
    • Leverage partnerships and Login VSI-certified reference architectures for leading vendors, such as VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft

    Read the White Paper “Evaluating the Digital Workspace Ecosystem”

    Take the guesswork out of technology decisions

    Streamline and smooth technology migrations

    Avoid delays and unanticipated costs by building a testing plan that shows various tested scenarios. Armed with insights relating to performance and user experience you can confidently accelerate your migration.

    • Run A/B test scenarios to finetune critical configuration variables and settings
    • Catch issues caused by idiosyncrasies at endpoints distributed over multiple geographic locations
    • Test real-world failover and recovery scenarios at max concurrency for a non-stop production environment

    Read the Case Study “Big Three Consulting Firm Leverages Login Enterprise to Migrate Critical Business Function to the Cloud”

    Streamline and smooth technology migrations

    Guarantee anywhere, anytime platform availability

    After implementation, it’s essential to make sure system performance remains the same in the real world as it did in your evaluation environment.  Ongoing monitoring helps identify issues that might need further tuning along the way.

    • Use impact graphs to compare performance and user experience before and after implementation
    • Continuously monitor accessibility and availability from a global perspective at any remote location
    • View metrics in a convenient dashboard set thresholds, and receive alerts when performance degrades below established limits
    Guarantee anywhere, anytime platform availability

    Extend the life of existing investments

    Money doesn’t grow on trees, so maintaining existing investments while optimizing performance is key. Established benchmarks can help IT evaluate whether incremental investments are sufficient or help you build a case for a major upgrade.

    • Confidently add more users to a current environment while maintaining consistent performance
    • Detect when newer hardware or upgrades might be needed to maintain/optimize existing environments
    • Evaluate whether existing environments will support newer operating systems, runtimes, or business-critical application upgrades
    Extend the life of existing investments


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