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    Planning for a New VDI Infrastructure

    New infrastructure deployments can be challenging. Selecting one set of vendor technologies over another can be confusing and seem subjective. Consistent, repeatable, constrained testing is critical, whether for the rollout of a new corporate-wide VDI environment or implementing a new disaster recovery system.

    Testing will ensure proper capacity planning – rightsizing the environment and validating design choices. Testing will also proactively detect any problematic hardware and software issues in the new environment. Effective pre-production testing will ease the transition from desktop or client/server configurations and ensure a smooth VDI rollout.

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    “Citrix recommends using Login VSI…to validate [test] results,

    especially before purchasing hardware or making any financial decisions.”

    – Nick Rintalan, Managing Director and Principal Architect, Citrix

    Ensure a Smooth VDI Rollout

    It is critical to perform modeling of the system under peak and stress conditions to ensure optimal user density and high-performing applications on new VDI infrastructure. Testing consistent workloads over defined intervals enable side-by-side comparison of one technology stack versus another, allowing users to select the best performing stack for their specific workload characteristics and demands.

    Understanding what will happen during login storms or under heavy user load will inform critical decisions on how many users pack onto a node of infrastructure. Similarly, running A/B test scenarios allows the determination of critical configuration variables and settings. Finally, any application performance or availability issues caused by idiosyncrasies at endpoints distributed over multiple geographical locations can be examined before go-live.

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    Testing Saves Time and Money, while Reducing Risk

    Testing will validate and predict the performance of the new infrastructure and ensure the optimal environment. Understanding how many users a given node of infrastructure can support allows a “dollars per desktop” calculation to be determined and optimized. In addition, testing will reduce time to executive decision-making if one has thoroughly assessed various scenarios.

    You will save costs by avoiding unnecessary hardware and software investments, lower your risk of deploying a solution that will buckle under load, and accelerate your executive decision-making based on the confidence of a vetted solution.



    Tangible, Measurable Results

    Login Enterprise includes a full suite of performance metrics to ensure the deployment goes smoothly.

      • End-user experience metrics – Measure the user experience from pre-production to production
      • Impact graphs – Compare application performance and user experience before and after implementation
      • Availability dashboard – Continuous testing, from the 8:00 am logon to regular checks on apps, user experience, and location
      • Application compatibility report – A comprehensive review of all applications, ensuring that the new deployment did not create any unforeseen issues between different applications

    Login VSI - Use Cases - Capacity Planning - What Happens When There is a Disaster?



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