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    Deploying a new operating system is a massive undertaking that takes months of planning. This typically includes designing and building a new infrastructure before it can successfully be deployed in an enterprise. Thousands of application packages and policies need to be tested to ensure they work on the new platform. This is especially true, on shared platforms like VDI and DaaS, where performance testing is an important step.

    What’s more, the cycle doesn’t end when Windows 10 has been deployed. Microsoft implemented a new cadence with frequent updates. It is also likely that the version of Windows currently being deployed will become outdated before enterprise deployment concludes.

    During these deployments, enterprises should move to automated testing.

    • Compatibility testing
    • Functional testing
    • Capacity planning


    Compatibility Testing

    Most organizations test a large portion of their applications manually during a migration project. Typically, a test consists of opening and closing the applications and inspecting the results manually. Even though this is a simple task, it can be time-consuming.

    Our compatibility testing allows engineers to fully automate this process with considerably less effort than testing manually. Once automated, the process becomes repeatable, so you can continuously test throughout your project. Therefore, engineers can catch potential application issues early and continue testing all applications consistently after the project has ended.

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    Functional Testing

    In any enterprise, a certain number of applications are always business-critical. These applications are typically built in-house or are heavily customized to fit the processes and goals of the organization. Outages with these applications typically result in massive productivity loss and warrant a deeper inspection of their main functionality before production.

    Our application testing capabilities interact with applications and help engineers identify potential issues early in the migration project. After the migration project, engineers can continue to test their applications as part of a change management process.


    Capacity Planning

    Testing application and desktop performance at scale in virtual desktop environments are crucial. Virtual desktop environments are built on top of a complex stack of shared resources and are very sensitive to performance degradation. Each of the components in the technology stack may become unpredictable under high load, therefore testing is the only way to reliably predict the capacity of virtual desktop environments.

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