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Application Availability

“I want to know if everything works fine, before my end-users are affected”

In virtual desktop production environments the end-user experience is always the primary concern. Login VSI Enterprise Edition helps to safeguard performance and availability of your critical business applications: regardless of if they run in your own datacenter (using VDI or server based computing) or elsewhere (using SaaS, DaaS or IaaS providers).

The pro-active monitoring tool Login PI is especially designed for the active monitoring (with synthetic users) of virtual desktop environments. Where traditional monitoring solutions are reactive, infrastructure focused, need real users, and help to fix problems; Login PI is proactive, user oriented, uses virtual users and helps to prevent problems.

Especially business critical applications where the cost of failure is very high, benefit from the pro-active testing and monitoring approach of Login PI. For example, many enterprises and vendor organizations active in Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Education and Government are using the solutions of Login VSI to guarantee a uninterrupted and productive end-user experience.

The workloads used by Login VSI can be used right out of the box and mimic the most common business user types (Task Worker, Office Worker, Knowledge Worker, Power User, Multimedia User). These workloads of Login VSI can easily be adapted to include a number of customer specific applications. Over the years we have built workload scripts (available as reusable building blocks) for most of the larger business applications, including all popular healthcare applications such as Allscript, Cerner, Epic and Chipsoft, and many of the market leading finance applications such as Bloomberg, SAP and more.

LoginVSI Application Availability

Are you looking for a solution that warns you about performance and availability problems with your business applications before your real users come in? The active monitoring solution Login PI is a part of the new Login VSI Enterprise Edition. We will be happy to provide you with the latest price information, or a free trial of our solutions.