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Building the Best Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

Optimal end-user experience starts with a good design of the infrastructure. Login VSI helps with benchmarking, sizing, scaling, fine-tuning and pre-production stress testing.

The load testing capability of Login VSI is a necessary tool to build well-performing virtual desktop infrastructures. Login VSI is used in both the design and build phases for vendor benchmarking, sizing/scaling and pre-production load and stress testing.

“I want to compare the performance of virtual desktops to my current fat clients”

When trying to decide if a virtual desktop solution is an option to add to or replace your fat client environment, the ‘same or better’ end-user experience will most often be the decision making factor. The Login VSI load testing capability is the preferred tool for vendors, system integrators and enterprises in every well-executed proof of concept. Login VSI is used by both vendors, system integrators and enterprises to demonstrate (and verify) the performance implications of moving to a virtual desktop environment.

“I need to objectively compare two hosted desktop infrastructure options”

When moving to a virtual desktop solution, enterprises run into a large choice of different infrastructure options including the solutions of Citrix, VMware or Microsoft, but also the different server and storage options, and the addition of GPUs. The synthetic users of Login VSI will mimic your real-user community and their specific workloads, straight out-of-the-box. This way you can easily benchmark all the different infrastructure options you would like to consider and make decisions based on facts.

“I want to test the correct amount of infrastructure we really need for production”

The correct scaling and sizing of virtual desktop infrastructure is important in every VDI project. Too little infrastructure will obviously cause problems with performance when systems are heavily used. Too much infrastructure will cause unnecessary spending in hardware purchase and maintenance, as well as wasting energy cost and datacenter space. Login VSI is used by vendors and system integrators to correctly size and scale Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, VMware Horizon View and Microsoft RDS infrastructures.

“I need to know if everything works correctly before we can push to production”

To safely move a new virtual desktop environment into production, it is very wise to perform a (virtual) full-scale load-test of the production system. Any risk of failure may be unacceptable, especially when business critical applications are involved. Login VSI is used by smart vendors, smart system integrators and prudent enterprises to load and stress test virtual desktop infrastructures before they go into production. These tests also indicate the resilience of the system to weather logon storms and other usage peaks.

Login VSI and Login PI are both part of the new Login VSI Enterprise Edition.

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About the company Login VSI

The company Login VSI provides end-user performance insights for virtualized desktop and server-based computing environments. Enterprise IT departments use flagship product Login VSI (for load testing) and Login PI (for continuity testing) in all phases of their virtual desktop deployment—from planning to deployment to change management—to build and safeguard a good performance, a high availability, and (as a result) a good and consistent end-user experience. For more information about Login VSI or for a free test license contact us.



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