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Meltdown & Spectre patches have a serious impact on the performance and scalability of your centralized Windows environment. Login VSI helps to avoid potential performance problems.

Avoid Meltdown and Spectre performance problems

Minimize VDI Performance Problems by testing Meltdown and Spectre patches in advance

Organizations running business critical applications in centralized desktop environments, are urgently looking for help to assess objectively the potential performance impact of all Meltdown and Spectre patches coming their way.

Login VSI is the industry standard for VDI performance testing and bench-marking, and is the logical solution to validate the performance impact of these Meltdown and Spectre security patches in your Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon or Microsoft RDS environment.

Use Login VSI to find the facts in the noise

Claims of anticipated performance impact of Meltdown and Spectre patches vary widely, and may be underestimated or exaggerated (depending on the perspective of the writers). Performance impact estimations vary between 5% to 30% but are dependent on many factors. The impact is expected to be the biggest in I/O intensive Windows server environments, but will be felt in all environments with a need to offer a good user experience to a larger number of users. Generating your own objective data is key!

Login VSI indices VSIbase and VSImax offer a widely accepted, and very objective, insight in the baseline performance and scalability of centralized desktop systems, before and after software (or other) changes are made. Applying these tests before and after the implementation of your Meltdown and Spectre patches will provide you with the data to make timely decisions about the need to scale up hardware, or otherwise fine-tune your systems. Don’t let possible performance problems caused by these security patches affect your real end-users or cause costly business disruptions.

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