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Predictive Analysis

It is a fact that PCs become slower over time. The same happens for virtualized environments, but most of the time you are unaware of this because it happens over a longer period. Many reasons can cause this, for example, profile sizes going up, the impact of new applications or hotfixes, or an increasing number of users on the environment.

The effects and the impact of these changes on the complete user experience can only be measured from the end-user perspective as CPU, Memory and Storage are typically all reporting back that they are in the ‘green’. That’s why we have a different approach. Our virtual user continuously measures the systems’ user experience as if it is a real person working in the environment, while online it continuously measures the performance of logons, application starts and specific actions in your applications, such as generating a monthly report or the network activity. Because the virtual user is doing the same thing all the time, it’s easy to spot trends in user experience over time.

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