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SLA Reporting

While enterprises worldwide continue to embrace virtualized desktop environments, a recent survey of more than 600 IT professionals showed that the biggest concerns continue to be related to the negative impact on productivity and end-user performance (41%). By using virtual users to provide granular visibility into network and application performance, Login PI allows enterprises greater insight into the transformational benefits of VDI.

Login PI 2.0 introduced Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports. This allows IT to produce intuitive reports summarizing the virtual user performance for a specific day or month. As IT organizations migrate to a service delivery model, they use SLAs to outline contractual obligations for application availability and performance. The SLA reporting feature in Login PI lets IT demonstrate to the business that they are delivering on said contracts. Customers of DaaS providers can also use Login PI to validate the availability and performance for which they are paying.

LoginVSI SLA Reporting