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Change Management

In VDI production environments change is the biggest danger. Many changes are planned (migrations) but many are also unplanned (automatic updates). Login VSI helps to avoid all problems.

“Sometimes changes impact performance in a bad way”

In virtual desktop production environments, most problems are caused by changes. These can be planned changes such as new versions of business applications (like SAP or EPIC), regular new builds of Windows 10 or standard weekly updates (e.g. “patch Tuesday”), as well as unplanned changes such as automatic updates (think of security software). But also just normal daily use can cause a gradual deterioration of desktop and application performance due to the pollution of storage and other devices.

Enterprises looking to provide the best possible user-experience for their critical applications running in VDI, SBC or DaaS, use the load-testing capability of Login VSI in combination with the pro-active monitoring capability of Login PI, to create a comprehensive change impact validation environment:

  • Login VSI load-testing establishes a performance baseline by executing a pre-change load test, simulating the intended number of real concurrent users expected on the system. After every planned change, the same test is repeated to determine if there is an unacceptable performance impact. If so, the changes will be rolled back before real users are affected. Login VSI is also used to post-test all regular (weekly or monthly) patch implementations, using a realistic concurrent (production) user load, in off-hours, to detect problems before they affect the real users.
  • Login PI active monitoring helps to constantly (24/7/365) test and detect the negative impact of possible unplanned changes (caused by automatic software updates or human error). The virtual (synthetic) user of Login PI also detects and predicts a potential gradual deterioration of VDI performance which could be the result of a gradual pollution of disks and other resources.


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Login VSI Enterprise Edition (EE) combines both Login VSI and Login PI capabilities and offers a complete solution for VDI change impact validation (or VDI change impact analysis) and helps to detect and prevent VDI performance problems before they can affect your important business processes.


Our industry-standard software is built to help you avoid problems, lower costs and improve performance. Request a Quote or get your (free!) Trial below, and benefit from our award-winning services:

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