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  • Webinar: Fully automated compatibility testing of applications with Login AT

Login AT for bulk application testing, is the newest product in the Login family of software solutions.

  • Login VSI provides scale testing and change management for VDI/XenApp/RDS environments
  • Login PI provides pro-active application availability and performance monitoring
  • Login AT introduces a new way to do compatibility testing of applications as OS updates occur

Login AT uses our synthetic user technology to automate the process of launching applications and ensuring they successfully start-up in a consistent fashion after a change/update to the underlying OS. Many large enterprises with thousands of applications use offshore teams of people to do this manually today, or use tools that do binary inspection with varying levels of success. Login AT is an automated system that will improve the reliability of the tests, while saving costs and time.

In this webinar you will:

  • get insight into the type and amount of changes coming your way with Windows 10
  • learn the risks and costs of not accurately testing your bulk applications after these changes
  • get an insight in the current approaches to address this extensive challenge
  • see how bulk application testing fits into a comprehensive change management plan
  • get a good overview of the features and workings of the new solution Login AT
  • get a comprehensive demonstration of this brand-new product
  • learn how a large company is saving 1 million a year testing with Login AT

Presenter: Blair Parkhill, Director of Products at Login VSI

TUESDAY JULY 17, 5 pm CEST, 11 am EDT, 8 am PDT

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