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    More and more organizations are moving part of their virtual desktops and applications to the cloud. This way end-user organizations seek to eliminate the complexity of deployment and management.

    This moves most of the responsibility for building and maintaining a well-performing infrastructure to dedicated Managed Service Providers providing the desktops and applications. To keep their SLA’s they need to be very aware of all potential disturbing changes in software or other infrastructure. Prudent MSP’s pro-actively test all planned changes, and pro-actively monitor unplanned changes.

    End-user organizations that rely for their key business processes on external DaaS environments running in Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud will always be scalable, but must still worry about the quality of the end-user experience (read performance) and application uptime (read availability

    Also, with cloud solutions, you still need to define the optimal virtual machine size (instance) and number for both single-user and multi-user VM’s. Fine-tuning by testing can save a lot of money.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • How to successfully and most efficiently scale desktops and applications to the cloud.
    • A strategy for shifting management infrastructure and virtual desktops to the cloud.
    • How to optimize the performance and availability of hosted desktops and applications when you are a provider, and how to verify this objectively when you are using the DaaS services.
    • How to proactively test the VDI related user experience from all your remote locations.

    Target Audience:

    • IT staff responsible for Windows desktop or application performance.
    • IT service managers managing environments that include VDI/SBC/DaaS.
    • Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, VMware Horizon, Microsoft RDS staff thinking about cloud.
    • Cloud providers looking to offer a very reliable and well-performing (DaaS) service.


    Mark Plettenberg, Product Manager at Login VSI (Citrix CTA, Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert).

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