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Citrix Application Layering, Citrix Optimizer 2.7, and Windows 10 2004 Update

Our performance engineers have been busy at Login VSI. Working overtime in the lab testing some exciting stuff. In this webinar we’ll be looking at performance tests of the recent Windows 10 2004 Update, Citrix Optimizer 2.7 and Citrix Application Layering. Get ready for an hour packed with great content and interesting results!

Citrix Application Layering

With application layering you introduce flexibility into your environment, but does this flexibility come at a (performance) price? Are there ways to make your applications perform even better as natively installed applications? Additionally, how can you quickly validate all your applications still work after an upgrade or change? We will tell you all about the best and worst possible configurations.

Learn about:

  • Application layering market trends (VDI Like a PRO research)
  • Application load/performance test results (Login VSI test lab)
  • How to validate the performance of your own environment and ensure a successful application strategy

Citrix Optimizer 2.7 and Windows 10 2004 Update

Updating Windows often means a change in performance and scalability. And as with every change in your environment, it is hard to predict the impact. Luckily, we’ve put it to the test so you can find out what upgrading to version 2004 could mean for your environment’s performance.

We’ll be showing you:

  • Windows 10 versions 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909 and 2004:
    • Without optimization, with Citrix Optimizer and with performance tuning recommendations from Microsoft (all performed on the latest Microsoft builds, April 2020 update)
  • General best practices when you decide to upgrade

Thursday, July 2nd

10:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm CET REGISTER HERE


Login VSI Webinar - June 2020 - Webinar: Testing the Performance Impact of Windows 10 2004 Update - Neda Zalieskaite

Mark Plettenberg
Sr. Product Manager,
Login VSI and Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP, VMware vExpert

Login VSI - VDI Performance Summit - Virtual Conference and Expo, MA, May 2, 2019 - Ruben Spruijt - Nutanix

Blair Parkhill
Product Manager (US and Vendor),
Login VSI

Can’t attend live? A recording will be sent to all registrants afterwards.