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    [Infographic] The Top 3 Hacks You Need to Reel in VDI and DaaS Costs

    There has been an explosion of interest in VDI and DaaS adoption across industries and for organizations of all sizes.

    The virtualization of desktops is mission-critical in keeping up with the global shift to remote and distributed workforces. But at what cost? Companies are gripping their wallets, battling to stay within their budget for their EUC costs.

    Recent research shows that 88% of IT executives say optimizing and reducing spend on existing EUC resources is extremely important—but nearly 50% admit they can’t get costs under control.

    In our newest infographic, we share 3 ways to avoid sticker shock for good and specific strategies for leveraging Login Enterprise to control cost. 

    • Hack #1: Find the right trade-offs between user experience and cost. In VDI and DaaS environments, costs can balloon quickly. Keep costs manageable by choosing the right blend of on-demand and always-on virtual machines.
    • Hack #2: Identify the ideal cost per user. Evaluating your usage and infrastructure is a key way to spot opportunities for cost savings for hybrid and on-premises environments.
    • Hack #3: Be on the lookout for potential cost savings. Don’t be afraid to investigate! Look at each layer in your environment, from compute, network, storage, applications, and security, to identify the cost impact of each.

    Access the full infographic and discover how to control your VDI and DaaS costs here.

    About the author
    Courtney James

    Courtney James is the Content Marketing Manager at LoginVSI.