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Performance Testing
for Image Change

Performance Testing
for Image Change

Automated performance and scalability testing
for images, applications, and desktops.

Trusted by top tech vendors & Fortune 500 companies.

Image Change Control

Automatically perform full image and application checks without waiting on app owners—ensuring your applications run consistently and perform reliably.

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Pre-Production Visibility

Get ahead of the curve by assessing and enhancing performance, scalability, and user experience before deployment with industry recognized load testing.

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Production Insights

Early warning detection flags performance and availability issues before they impact users, while deep insights and trending data help address problems.

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Lifecycle Optimization

Avoid issues in the future by effectively managing your Day 2 operations across the entire lifecycle—from deployment to retirement and everything in between.

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It was a very manual process beforehand, and we relied on qualitative feedback. We had no predictive modeling and could never simulate 1,000 concurrent users. Now, every patch, every application update, and any image change we run testing, and it is a routine and repeatable process that runs like clockwork.


Citrix Team Lead
Not-for-profit Health Insurance Company



After employing Login Enterprise, we adjusted the virtual machine configuration—reducing the monthly cost per user by 25%. This optimization translated into annual savings of nearly $200,000. The financial savings allowed us to redirect resources toward other strategic initiatives.


Assistant VP, EUC
US Wealth Management Firm



Login Enterprise allows us to catch issues more proactively so that outages don’t happen. Previously if an issue made it to production the only way to get it resolved was to log off all 368 servers and revert to a previous image to fix the issue. Login Enterprise prevents this from happening in the first place. Now I don’t have to manually monitor the environment anymore and worry about resource utilization. Login VSI does it for me.


EUC Engineer
US Credit Union



Because we can act on issues faster, we have improved internal customer satisfaction. It is a huge benefit for me not to get a call in the middle of the night.


Desktop Virtualization Product Manager
International Religious Organization



There’s a lot of time wasted if there’s downtime or latency. Recently, we noticed that login times that were normally 50 seconds grew to 70 seconds on average. Login Enterprise helped us identify the issue and then fix it quickly. This type of lag would not have been identified without Login Enterprise.


Citrix Infrastructure Engineer
UK Public Transportation Services



When we run our battery of tests, including logon performance, user density, user experience, and application response times, we get the insights needed to ensure consistent performance release after release. There isn’t another product in the market that provides us with reliable data to benchmark our products.


Staff Software Quality Engineer
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops



My favorite thing is that I know the workloads being run are the same, time and time again — they are repeatable results that can be trusted. Login VSI allows us to be proactive at managing the user experience, and we don’t ever wait for our customers to make a complaint.


Systems Engineer
Cherry Health



The results speak for themselves. We’ve had some cases where Login Enterprise trapped issues when none of our monitoring systems did, nor really, could they have. Login Enterprise has really changed how we think about monitoring in end-user computing, and it shows in the results we’re seeing and the excellent feedback we’re receiving from our users and affiliates.


Director of IT
Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company



Login Enterprise is a tool that allows you to understand your current virtualization environment and capture end-user experience without having to impact production users. Login Enterprise’s team is consistently implementing new features that will only benefit our organization in the long run. I’m excited to see what the future holds with this solution. I highly recommend it to any Digital Workplace org!


Systems Engineer
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company


Login Enterprise Platform

A unique approach for solving pre-production and
production challenges.


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