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    Single Source of Truth for all
    Your Virtual Desktops & Published Apps

    Login VSI’s Login Enterprise Platform helps proactively measure, analyze, and optimize your virtual desktop environments wherever they reside - traditional, hybrid, or cloud. By capturing standard benchmarks and assessing ongoing changes, our solution provides rapid comparisons and operational insights that allow IT teams to maintain consistent experiences across VDI or DaaS.

    See how Login VSI enables reliable, economical virtual environments:
    - Decrease resources up to 40% with automated testing and analysis
    - Catch issues in minutes instead of hours with continuous performance monitoring
    - Achieve 4x improvement in the number of users during an environment refresh
    - Optimize operating and capital expenditures to save millions with vendor or instance comparisons

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    Enterprise Coverage from
    Planning to Production

    Tame your spending
    Don’t throw away unnecessary money or be surprised with runaway costs. Rely on benchmarks and analytics to tune, measure, and plan for growth.
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    Optimize for better experiences
    Don’t let complexity come between you and success. Avoid performance penalties and quantify the end-user experiences with confidence.
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    Anticipate issues earlier
    Continuously monitor performance—all day, across all locations—without the need for agents or users to be present.
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    Transform with less risk
    Get performance back to peak efficiency after major changes. Routinely calibrate your chain of service against established baselines.
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    What our customers have to say

    Infrastructure Savings

    “We increased digital workspace capacity by 45% - from 2,900 to 4,200 users using existing investments - saving $3M in unnecessary capital expenditures over 3 years.”

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    Seamless Migrations

    “We migrated 20K users in a single day without issue based on rigorous testing that showed results and avoided any crisis of confidence during the migration project.”

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    Automated Testing

    “We run thousands of tests between individual changes across dozens of apps. Our use of automation means we’re doing all that with the same, or less human capital.”

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    Support Avoidance

    “We reduced detection time from 1.5 hours to 5 minutes with 24x7 testing and automated alerts – saving an estimated $1.5M per year in support savings.”

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    User Experience

    "Login Enterprise has changed how we think about testing in EUC -- it's evident in the results and the feedback we're receiving from our users and affiliates."

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    Login VSI's easy-to-use platform can be up and running within minutes, seamlessly integrating with these partners across your on-premises or cloud environments: Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Nutanix and IGEL


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