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  • Deliver the Best End User Experience

    Deliver the Best End User Experience

    Performance Insights for Virtualized Desktops

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Industry-Standard Testing for Virtual Environments

Successfully predict, validate and manage the performance of virtualized desktop environments.

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Automate, Maintain and Deploy Virtual Environments

Quickly apply any changes with the highest quality possible in your virtual environment.

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Real-World Performance Insights on Virtual Desktops

Login PI gives you performance insights that help you get and stay ahead of trouble tickets.

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Four Steps to Deliver the Best VDI User Experience

1. Design Changes

1. Design Changes

Configure any changes in your VDI environment quickly and easily with Login AM

2. Test & Validate

2. Test & Validate

Predict and manage the performance impact of changes by simulating users with Login VSI

3. Deploy Changes

3. Deploy Changes

Safely deploy validated changes to your production environment with Login AM

4. Notify & Report

4. Notify & Report

Proactively monitor the end user experience by simulating real users with Login PI

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Introducing the VDI Lifecycle

VDI success comes down to one thing: End user experience. Whether you are using Citrix, VMware or Microsoft, the inherent complexity of your environment, compounded by constant application updates, can and will affect performance in your virtualized desktop environment. To deliver a predictable performance, higher availability, and a more consistent end user experience in every phase of your deployment, look no further than the VDI lifecycle.

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What our customers are saying

Randy Groves - Teradici

"As the developer of the PCoIP protocol, we do a lot of our own internal benchmarking to make sure that we’re continuing to improve our protocol. But we can’t actually publish our internal benchmarks because everybody might think that the tests are biased. So when we want to publish results, we use Login VSI. That way, if a customer wants to repeat our results they can.”

Randy Groves, CTO at Teradici

Akio Kawaguchi - Networld

"Login VSI is the only tool for benchmarking VDI with high level accuracy. We use Login VSI to verify the performance of our internal VDI system and to verify the performance of VDI systems that we integrate for our customers."

Akio Kawaguchi, Deputy General Manager of International Alliance Sector at Networld Corporation

Fritjof Berenbak - KPN

“Login AM provides both cost reduction and quality improvement of the Citrix infrastructure because it is much easier to keep our test and acceptance environment identical to the production environment, simplifying the total DTAP process. New applications are tested well and yet released quickly.”

Fritjof Berenbak, Operations Manager at the Department I&O at KPN IT NL

Blog & News

Available now: How upgrading to Windows Server 2016 impacts VDI
December 08, 2016

How upgrading to Windows Server 2016 impacts VDI

Windows Server 2016 released several weeks ago, and for RDS and VDI, it’s got a lot of great new features going for it. Click here to download the white paper now.
VDI Reference Architecture Monthly – October 2016
November 30, 2016

VDI Reference Architecture Monthly – October 2016

Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse - VMware Horizon 7.0 with NVIDIA M10 Test Results by Dell Wyse Solution Engineering Summary Looks like DELL has released an update to their hyper-converged Precision Appliance for Wyse to now include NVIDIA’s M10 GPU.…
Testing is knowing: Test your VDI environment to prevent unwanted surprises
November 28, 2016

Testing is knowing: Test your VDI environment to prevent unwanted…

The other day I was talking to a customer who was having some issues that he couldn’t solve himself. Because I’ve come across similar issues in the past, I wanted to share this one with you all. The customer was trying to test the performance difference…
Automating your XenDesktop/XenApp deployment: Everything you need to know about the Delivery Controller
November 21, 2016

Automating your XenDesktop/XenApp deployment: Everything you need to…

Our community is constantly growing. One of the great things about that is the fact that you get to talk to a lot of different people. After a while you start noticing certain trends. One thing I recently noticed is that there is a lot of confusion when it…
I chose a cheap wine at Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS)
November 09, 2016

Is Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS) like a cheap wine?

For a while now Amazon offers Desktop as a Service (DaaS) in what they call WorkSpaces. I always wondered, how good do these desktops perform? At the moment of writing, I’ve been investigating the performance for a week. The whole user experience felt like…
Login AM makes Image Management easy
October 31, 2016

Login AM makes Image Management easy

Login AM was always a tool that focused on what we usually call "the inside of a virtual machine". It fully enables you to execute any changes on a machine but it always needed help from additional tooling to deploy the operating system. Now with the new…

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