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Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Login Enterprise adds unmatched value to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environments enabling IT teams to deliver great end-user experiences and keep their budgets in check. Achieve better control with a single solution that monitors performance, cost, and capacity from the end user’s perspective and end-to-end.

Strike the Right Balance

Identifying the balance between cost and performance is critical. Getting it wrong could mean poor user experience or overspending. 

  • Leverage data-driven benchmarks and determine the suitable trade-off between cost and performance.
  • Compare instance sizes side-by-side and zero in on the best candidate.
  • Select the right blend of on-demand and always-on virtual machines.

Optimize Costs

Gain deep insights so you can make smarter financial decisions without compromising end-user experience. 

  • Forecast run, CapEx and OpEx costs; reducing the risk of surprise cost overruns.
  • Understand the cost impact when moving to the cloud or changing any component in the stack.
  • Evaluate usage and infrastructure to identify cost savings in real time.

Proactively Hunt for Issues

Proactively detect AVD user experience issues and pinpoint the root-cause quickly and efficiently.

  • Measure all aspects of the user experience, including availability, login time, and application performance.
  • Leverage built-in alerts and be the first to know of user experience issues.
  • Predict trends over time to get ahead of creeping degradation.

Troubleshoot Slow Logins & Applications

Simulate user logins and application workflows to catch issues before real users are affected.

  • Test login and application performance 24×7.
  • Go beyond application launch with detailed workflows simulating user actions.
  • Establish baselines and compare user experience across locations .
Login Enterprise is everything we hoped it would be and more. Now that we understand the basics, the Swagger API will allow us to fully automate our testing infrastructure. In addition, support has been fast and exceptional.
Principal Engineer


What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a cloud-based virtual desktop and application platform that runs in Azure and has exclusive features like Windows 10 enterprise multi-session. This offering allows multiple users to concurrently connect to a remote desktop on a Windows 10 virtual machine for a familiar user experience with optimal app compatibility and no RDS CAL licensing. Azure Virtual Desktop was previously known as Windows Virtual Desktop.

What are the biggest pain points experienced with AVD?

The biggest challenges associated with AVD deployments are end-user experience, the cost of using cloud services, and the effort to migrate to AVD. Once deployed, the list of top AVD performance complaints includes application performance, slow logins, and video call problems. Performance troubleshooting is often tricky because Microsoft doesn’t offer an end-to-end monitoring tool, and these issues may be caused by infrastructure tiers and necessary, not the digital workspace itself.

Does Azure Monitor allow you to monitor AVD?

Azure Monitor can monitor Azure Virtual Desktops, but generally is very intensive to set up, and the out-of-the-box capabilities are limited. Administrators will not be able to get quick answers to the questions they have about AVD costs, performance, user experience, and usage. Login Enterprise is an out-of-the-box, specialized tool specifically geared for AVD.

What ROI can I expect from using a specialized solution for AVD?

Login Enterprise immediately helps you save money, lower support costs, and improve the user experience. IT support costs can be reduced, and operational efficiency is enhanced because problem diagnosis is streamlined and more effective. Empirical insights also help with cost, right-sizing, optimization, and capacity planning. Once deployed, the savings in CapEx, less IT administrator time, and user productivity gains mean that Login Enterprise often pays for itself with a short ROI. Organizations can boost user satisfaction and productivity by reducing downtime and slow time.

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