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Windows OS Migrations

Windows OS Migrations

Minimize the risk and business disruption of
Windows OS migrations with analysis of
end-user experience, performance, and capacity.

Deploying a new operating system, especially within shared platforms like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), presents a complex challenge. These deployments often involve numerous variables that must be meticulously managed. Without a thorough plan emphasizing the analysis of end-user experience, performance, and capacity, these migrations are susceptible to significant setbacks. Inadequate planning can result in not only a substantial waste of time and resources but also in the potential failure of the entire project.

The Login Enterprise Platform is designed to mitigate these risks through its robust pre-production assessment capabilities. Armed with vital insights that are essential for achieving optimal performance and appropriately scaling capacity, organizations can ensure an efficient and effective rollout. Its advanced analytics and testing mechanisms allow for a thorough evaluation of the deployment environment, leading to a smoother and faster transition to the new operating system. This approach not only enhances the overall user experience but also significantly reduces the likelihood of costly errors and project delays.

Assess Capacity

  • Compare user-to-host ratios between different Windows versions in your current environment.
  • Identify whether additional hardware or different cloud instances are necessary to maintain similar performance.
  • Accurately budget to demonstrate cost changes and eliminate over-provisioning or wasted cloud spend.

Optimize Performance

  • Avoid project delays with insights on performance and user experience.
  • Properly baseline and evaluate application performance in a new environment.
  • Run A/B test scenarios to fine-tune critical configuration variables and settings.

Streamline Validation

  • Easily check thousands of applications and ensure they function as expected.
  • Proactively validate application layering technologies.
  • Allow your champions to define user workflows and let automation do the rest.
  • Enable application owners and engineers to resolve issues and accelerate delivery.
We were looking at upgrading our underlying system from Windows 2017 to 2019. We used VSImax scores to review user experience and wound up deferring the upgrade because it would be difficult to achieve the same user experience with the new operating system without buying more hardware. We avoided the additional £1-2 million purchase on hardware and kept the same user experience.
Citrix Infrastructure Engineer
UK Public Transportation Services

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