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About Login VSI

The VDI and DaaS industry has transformed incredibly, and Login VSI has evolved alongside the world of remote and hybrid work. Through an innovative and dynamic culture, the Login VSI team is passionate about helping enterprises worldwide understand, build, and maintain amazing digital workspaces.

Trusted globally for 360° proactive visibility of performance, cost, and capacity of virtual desktops and applications, Login Enterprise is accepted as the industry standard and used by major vendors to spot problems quicker, avoid unexpected downtime, and deliver next-level digital experiences for end-users.

Our Mission

The paradigm for remote computing has shifted with virtual app delivery coupled with the growth in Web and SaaS-based applications. Now more than ever, organizations rely on digital workspaces to function.

We give our customers 360° insights into the entire stack of virtual desktops and applications – in production or delivery and across various settings and infrastructure.

We aim to empower IT teams to take control of their virtual desktops and applications’ performance, cost, and capacity wherever they reside – traditional, hybrid, or cloud.

Our Leadership

See the leadership driving Login VSI’s innovation and commitment to excellent end-user experiences.

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