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Image Change Control

Image Change Control

Automatically detect application failures and performance
disparities before and after updates, mitigating unexpected
issues from the start.

Planned and unplanned changes can trigger major service disruptions, especially with today’s high volume of software updates and patches. It’s time to ditch your manual efforts in favor of automation. Let our virtual users scale your efforts for maximum coverage and repeatable results—ensuring your most critical applications and EUC environments run consistently and perform reliably.

Reduction in time spent
validating changes

Reduction in time spent
resolving issues

Reduction in helpdesk tickets

Faster Change Cycles,
Less Risk

  • Reduce the time needed to execute repetitive, manual tests and focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Eliminate the risk of human error, ensuring tests are performed precisely and consistently every time.
  • Handle a vast array of tests simultaneously, providing coverage that’s impossible to achieve manually.

Catch Issues Before Rollouts

  • Replicate user interactions to validate application functionality beyond simple login times.
  • Identify and resolve compatibility issues for a smoother, interruption-free user experience.
  • Ensure applications, drivers, and systems work cohesively across various configurations.

Maintain Consistent Experiences

  • Leverage the same pre-production tests after deployment.
  • Establish benchmarks to measure the impact of any change.
  • Compare results over time to maintain similar experiences in production.
It was a very manual process beforehand, and we relied on qualitative feedback. We had no predictive modeling and could never simulate 1,000 concurrent users. Now, every patch, every application update, and any image change we run testing, and it is a routine and repeatable process that runs like clockwork.
Citrix Team Lead
Not-for-profit Health Insurance Company
Previously it would take about two weeks to change an image or update a homegrown app. Now we can publish within a day, and we never have to rollback.
Desktop Virtualization Product Manager
International Religious Organization
I support about 50 revenue-facing applications that are the lifeblood of our business. I was lucky if I could get half a dozen people to do an hour of testing each week. By comparison, we’re now running thousands of checks between individual change sets. Using automation means we’re doing all of that with less human capital.
VP of End User Computing
Fortune 100 Retailer
Within 30 minutes of dropping a new build, I know with confidence that each site can access all our applications. Once my head hits the pillow after our outage window, I know my phone won’t start buzzing a few hours later. It’s been fantastic.
Director of Desktop Services
Fortune 200 Healthcare Services

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Changes are inevitable – disruption doesn’t have to be.