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Proactive Issue Detection

Proactive Issue Detection

Anticipate and address problems before they escalate, ensuring smoother operations and improved user satisfaction.

Unplanned issues and outages are inevitable due to software updates, new feature integrations, or external factors like changes in user behavior or system environments. End-users often report issues they encounter, such as slow app performance. However, these reports can be vague and lack the detailed context for effective troubleshooting.

The Login Enterprise Platform removes time spent on guesswork by continuously sampling endpoints to determine whether a change has had a creeping effect over time or an instant one caused by a recent update or human error. This type of monitoring allows you to see performance metrics from the end-user’s perspective, proactively detecting issues before real users are affected.

Detect Problems Faster

  • Continuously track performance—all day, across all locations—without needing agents or users to be present.
  • Identify issues or outages during off-peak hours and resolve them before users start working.
  • Uncover gradual deteriorations in performance well before they disrupt normal operations.
  • Preserve adherence to privacy laws by simulating human interaction with no actual user exposure to data.

Alert on Critical Issues

  • Define thresholds for overall performance, such as login failures, login delays, latency, or specific application failures.
  • Schedule alerts when deviations from expected performance occur.
  • Automatically take and store screenshots at specified steps or failures and review detailed logs to remediate them faster.

Leverage Deep Insights

  • Examine latency across various applications to identify underlying issues.
  • Utilize detailed metrics on client, session, and platform for in-depth analysis.
  • Identify and permanently resolve complex, elusive problems.
We set up alerts and if latency goes beyond a certain threshold, we can monitor the production environment. We really like the virtual user which replicates a real user experience. It is easy to identify an issue and we can pinpoint it without having to go into too much technical detail.
Citrix Infrastructure Engineer
UK Public Transportation Services
We use Login Enterprise’s virtual users to do continuous testing every 15 minutes. The operations center gets the alerts which beat the user phone calls saying that the system is down, and then IT uses their training to quickly fix the issue.
Desktop Virtualization Product Manager
International Religious Organization
Login Enterprise allows us to catch issues more proactively so that outages don’t happen. Previously if an issue made it to production the only way to get it resolved was to log off all 368 servers and revert to a previous image to fix the issue. Login Enterprise prevents this from happening in the first place. Now I don’t have to manually monitor the environment anymore and worry about resource utilization. Login VSI does it for me.
EUC Engineer
US Credit Union

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