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Root Cause

Root Cause

Track session, platform, and custom metrics
for deeper insights across the entire stack,
enabling faster problem resolution.

Due to the overwhelming amount of monitoring insights, EUC teams are often challenged by identifying the root cause of performance problems. While some issues can be resolved with simple actions like restarting services, complex problems require more in-depth troubleshooting. Typical monitoring doesn’t consider the overall user experience, which is crucial since multiple small issues can compound into significant, hard-to-isolate problems.

The Login Enterprise Platform focuses on the end-user experience at scale. This approach helps in isolating and fixing the root cause of complex issues. The first step is to assess how the end user’s daily activities are impacted, such as slow login times or application performance. By focusing on the user experience layer, teams can start their investigation effectively without sifting through extensive performance data. With this targeted approach, teams can delve deeper using detailed metrics and trend reporting to quickly isolate and resolve problems at a scale.

Quickly Isolate Existing Problems

  • Begin by assessing overall performance metrics like login times.
  • Examine latency across various applications to identify underlying issues.
  • Address simple problems to enhance business continuity.

Go Deeper for Long-term Resolution

  • Utilize detailed metrics on client, session, and platform for in-depth analysis.
  • Develop custom metrics tailored to your specific business applications and systems.
  • Identify and permanently resolve complex, elusive problems.

Predict and Prevent Future Issues

  • Leverage past performance measurements to predict future trends automatically.
  • Evaluate results over time based on logins, applications, latency, user experience, system metrics, and more.
  • Trend hot spots to identify optimal maintenance and deployment windows.
  • Track performance loss after any change or update.
We set up alerts and if latency goes beyond a certain threshold, we can monitor the production environment. We really like the virtual user which replicates a real user experience. It is easy to identify an issue and we can pinpoint it without having to go into too much technical detail.
Citrix Infrastructure Engineer
UK Public Transportation Services
We use Login Enterprise’s virtual users to do continuous testing every 15 minutes. The operations center gets the alerts which beat the user phone calls saying that the system is down, and then IT uses their training to quickly fix the issue.
Desktop Virtualization Product Manager
International Religious Organization
Login Enterprise allows us to catch issues more proactively so that outages don’t happen. Previously if an issue made it to production the only way to get it resolved was to log off all 368 servers and revert to a previous image to fix the issue. Login Enterprise prevents this from happening in the first place. Now I don’t have to manually monitor the environment anymore and worry about resource utilization. Login VSI does it for me.
EUC Engineer
US Credit Union

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