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Availability Monitoring

Availability Monitoring

Continuously monitor applications, services, and locations, enhancing reliability and trust among users.

Maintaining the continuous availability of applications, desktops, and network services doesn’t require sophisticated monitoring platforms. The Login Enterprise Platform uses continuous testing to inform you of any issues actively. By implementing a continuous testing approach, IT teams can detect and resolve system issues before they escalate, substantially reducing the volume of help desk calls.

Whether your resources are virtual apps and desktops delivered via Citrix, VMware Horizon, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, or other critical resources supporting your End-User Computing (EUC) environment, Login Enterprise ensures you are alerted to any potential disruptions.

Define What and When to Monitor

  • Test the availability of published resources, infrastructure, and applications as often as every minute.
  • Tailor tests and thresholds are based on specific locations, user groups, or resources.
  • Configure how much or little data to collect across critical metrics, logs, and screenshots.

Customize Alerts and Reporting

  • Quickly view the status by location in an easy-to-read map view.
  • Customizable alert policies notify you of availability issues with any tested resources.
  • Receive alerts by email or integrate with existing service management or other platforms.
  • Summary dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of how all your tests are performing.

Quickly Diagnose and Correct Issues

  • View granular, end-to-end results into the conditions that led to any failures.
  • Quickly identify and diagnose problems and take note of trends and inconsistencies.
  • Store and analyze historical trending data to predict future performance.
We set up alerts and if latency goes beyond a certain threshold, we can monitor the production environment. We really like the virtual user which replicates a real user experience. It is easy to identify an issue and we can pinpoint it without having to go into too much technical detail.
Citrix Infrastructure Engineer
UK Public Transportation Services
We use Login Enterprise’s virtual users to do continuous testing every 15 minutes. The operations center gets the alerts which beat the user phone calls saying that the system is down, and then IT uses their training to quickly fix the issue.
Desktop Virtualization Product Manager
International Religious Organization
Login Enterprise allows us to catch issues more proactively so that outages don’t happen. Previously if an issue made it to production the only way to get it resolved was to log off all 368 servers and revert to a previous image to fix the issue. Login Enterprise prevents this from happening in the first place. Now I don’t have to manually monitor the environment anymore and worry about resource utilization. Login VSI does it for me.
EUC Engineer
US Credit Union
Login Enterprise saved us when we were choosing an antivirus program. We realized that a potential new antivirus program was going to have a big impact on the performance of our VDI environment, so we decided not to install the product.
ICT System Administrator
We recently introduced a new antivirus application to the image. Login Enterprise showed that we were not going to be able to meet capacity which would have had a significant impact on performance. We were able to fine-tune the update and avoid an outage. Using Login Enterprise, we can get a sense from the metrics on how an update is going to perform before we introduce it to production.
Citrix Team Lead

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