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Cloud PC

Cloud PC

Understand the risks of moving to Cloud PCs by
assessing the impact to application performance
and optimizing consumption costs.

Moving to cloud-based PCs, like Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, or Amazon Workspaces, presents unique challenges. Organizations often grapple with compatibility issues, performance uncertainties, and concerns over user experience and cost-effectiveness. Ensuring a seamless transition requires a comprehensive evaluation and strategic planning to avoid pitfalls.

The Login Enterprise Platform helps assess whether a cloud PC is suitable for your specific needs, measures performance compared to existing environments before migration, validates application compatibility, and helps in overall performance optimization. The platform empowers organizations to make informed decisions, ensuring a successful and efficient migration to cloud PCs.

Assess Cloud PC Suitability

  • Analyze whether cloud solutions like Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktop align with your business needs.
  • Evaluate the financial implications and potential ROI of moving to a cloud-based PC environment.
  • Determine the feasibility of your existing infrastructure and applications in a cloud PC setup.

Benchmark Performance Pre-Migration

  • Assess the performance of your existing on-premises or hybrid environments to set a baseline for comparison.
  • Simulate cloud PC environments and compare them against your current benchmarks.
  • Pinpoint areas where the cloud PC might underperform or exceed current infrastructure capabilities, guiding informed decision-making.

Validate Existing Applications

  • Ensure all critical applications function seamlessly in the new cloud environment.
  • Assess how the transition to cloud PCs impacts the end-user experience, focusing on usability and accessibility.
  • Analyze how well the cloud PC environment can scale with your organization’s growth.

Optimize Existing
Cloud PCs

  • Implement ongoing strategies to maintain optimal cloud PC performance.
  • Use performance insights to adjust configurations, improving efficiency and resource allocation.
  • Collect and incorporate EUX benchmarks to fine-tune the user experience.

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