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4 Ways to Ensure Smooth Delivery in Azure

June 6, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses increasingly adopt cloud-based solutions to empower their workforce with flexibility, scalability, and mobility. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) has emerged as a powerful and popular platform to deliver a secure and seamless virtual desktop experience.

As more organizations adopt the platform, it is important to note that achieving a truly seamless user experience in AVD requires taking control of the performance, cost, and capacity. Login Enterprise brings unmatched value to those using AVD as it enables them to monitor varying aspects of their virtual environment from the end user’s perspective and end-to-end.

Whether you have already migrated to AVD or are just beginning to plan the transition, having strategies to unlock savings and optimize performance is critical for long-term success.

Here are 4 ways IT administrators and their teams can enhance the performance of Azure Virtual Desktop:

Designing an Optimized DaaS Environment:

Estimating and planning decisions frequently involve guesswork, particularly when IT lacks a baseline for comparison. Organizations can eliminate guesswork and reduce the chances of inaccuracies by utilizing Login Enterprise to simulate real-user scenarios that can be implemented in their AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) environment.

To achieve the optimal balance between cost and performance in your AVD deployment, selecting the right instance size is crucial. Making the wrong choice can compromise user experience and productivity, resulting in a failed deployment.

Additionally, there is a risk of overpaying if you overlook more cost-effective options that offer the same level of performance. Microsoft recommends utilizing simulation tools before deploying AVD. These tools can conduct stress tests and simulate real-life usage scenarios to ensure the system is responsive and resilient enough to meet user needs.

By leveraging Login Enterprise, you can accurately simulate users and real-life situations to guarantee that your AVD deployment is responsive and resilient to meet user requirements.

Control And Maintain Costs:

For most organizations, transitioning from a traditional on-premises or hybrid infrastructure to a new setup raises concerns about performance and costs. Login Enterprise provides IT teams with comprehensive visibility into their AVD environment, empowering them to fully understand the implications of the migration before deploying it. This ensures that end-users are not affected negatively and that the budget is not wasted unnecessarily.

In today’s global economy, strategic organizations prioritize maintaining predictable operating expenses. If you’re considering moving from an on-premises or hybrid solution to a fully cloud-based one, it’s important to note that you’ll be shifting from a predictable capital expenditure (CAPEX) budgeting model to a fluctuating operational expenditure (OPEX) model. This means that having a solution that allows you to define the source of costs and identify areas for optimization becomes even more crucial.

Login Enterprise can assist IT departments in effectively planning and managing ongoing operational expenses throughout the entire life cycle of the migration. By utilizing virtual users provided by Login Enterprise, you can replicate the actions of real users and compare their behavior in the current deployment with the proposed AVD environment. This evaluation helps you assess the cost impact of these changes and make informed decisions.

Proactively Monitor Anytime Across Locations:

Deploying AVD is one task, but managing its deployments in production presents another challenge. If you’ve deployed AVD to a region in the US, you may wonder if users in another US location have the same experience—and this becomes even more complicated when your organization has workspaces spread across different geographic locations.

To ensure a smooth transition to a cloud desktop like AVD, proactive monitoring is crucial. By continuously monitoring the performance and availability of your AVD environment, IT can identify performance variations among users in the same region as the workload, across a continent, or even worldwide.

Being able to measure end-user experience from multiple perspectives offers invaluable insights into your AVD deployment. Consequently, you can evaluate performance based on regional factors from your end users’ viewpoint, including offshore and nearshore resources.

Armed with prompt and reliable information, IT can make informed decisions regarding their Azure Virtual Desktop deployment, ensuring minimal latency and improved responsiveness for end-users across different workspaces.

Optimizing Network Connectivity:

When businesses rely on a cloud service provider for their infrastructure needs, they often face a lack of control over uptime and availability. This lack of control can have a direct impact on productivity and, consequently, revenue.

If users cannot log on to their remote desktops, critical business tasks cannot be completed, resulting in negative consequences for both customers and employees. The key to minimizing the impact on the business lies in promptly identifying and addressing any issues. Thankfully, several steps can be taken to mitigate downtime, but this requires being aware of the issues in the first place.

With Login Enterprise, organizations can simulate network traffic and measure network performance within Azure Virtual Desktop. By conducting comprehensive network validation, potential bottlenecks can be identified, and bandwidth allocation can be optimized accordingly. This optimization ensures that network connectivity is enhanced, leading to an improved user experience and reduced latency within Azure Virtual Desktop.

Login Enterprise is a valuable tool for organizations leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop to deliver a seamless user experience. By leveraging Login Enterprise’s unique capabilities, organizations can optimize the delivery of Azure Virtual Desktop. This, in turn, minimizes disruptions, enhances performance, and ensures a consistent and exceptional user experience.

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