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Lifecycle Optimization

Lifecycle Optimization

Effectively manage your Day 2 operations
across the entire lifecycle—from deployment to retirement
and everything in between.

Technology changes are overwhelming IT– creating a bottleneck that impedes transformational initiatives and negatively impacts the employee experience. It’s time for a new game plan that balances strategies to continually improve and maintain predictable costs. Login Enterprise provides capabilities to track current progress against SLAs, benchmark for improvement and cost analysis to identify potential savings.

Reduction in technology costs

Reduction in annual cloud costs

Reduction in user downtime

Demonstrate Quality

  • Measure, report, and share SLA reports with executives and business units.
  • Create custom reports based on different locations, applications, and reporting periods.
  • Avoid penalties and make a case for bonus points for exceeding expectations.

Prioritize EUX

  • Set a target EUX Score and focus efforts on improving the
    end-user experience.
  • Track EUX Scores over time to determine whether changes had a positive impact.
  • Correlate and optimize EUX insights across heterogeneous components.

Evaluate and Save

  • Use cost dashboards to manage the total cost of ownership and maximize the ROI.
  • Evaluate usage and infrastructure to spot cost savings.
  • Compare potential changes and strategies to lower overall costs.
If there’s a production impact, it impacts all the users and hits the bottom line ultimately. If we can prevent one outage, it easily pays for one year of Login Enterprise license by avoiding a productivity issue and a PR hit. If we lose just 0.1% of our end customers because they can’t contact us, it would be bad.
Citrix Team Lead
Not-for-profit Health Insurance Company
Showing the value of Login Enterprise is an easy discussion. We can prove issues and outage were not our fault. The SLA reports are a constant reminder to management and internal customers of the value our team brings to the organization. I can also prove to internal customers what the actual statistics are.
Desktop Virtualization Product Manager
International Religious Organization
We have been able to take on more users with the same hardware, so there has been a cost avoidance by using Login Enterprise.
Citrix Team Lead
Not-for-profit Health Insurance Company
We were given the directive to move workloads to the cloud while at the same time keeping costs as low as we can. The team performed capacity planning using Login Enterprise with multiple Amazon EC2 instance types to determine the best fit for our Citrix workloads. Based on our environment, the increased density and slightly lower hourly run costs equate to savings of over 40% for one month in AWS.
IT Engineer
Fortune 100 US healthcare company

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