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DaaS Cost Management

DaaS Cost Management

Boost visibility and optimize resources to control DaaS costs

No one decides to migrate to a DaaS environment thinking that their OpEx costs may skyrocket– but the unlimited flexibility and scalability that makes cloud-based desktops so popular can also result in uncapped costs. 

The complexity of your stacks can quickly obscure true costs. Login Enterprise offers clear, centralized visibility into the costs related to your DaaS environment, enabling teams to quickly spot usage spikes and tie vendor license utilization to its cost and user. Improving transparency in your stack keeps the cost of DaaS environments controllable and manageable.

Avoid surprise cloud costs

In the cloud – where cost expenses balloon quickly – Login Enterprise helps IT teams understand the right trade-offs to ensure user experience without sacrificing the budget.

  • Avoid wasted spending by balancing user experience and costs.
  • Determine the right blend of on-demand and always-on virtual machines.
  • Choose the optimal storage for the virtual machine, user data, user profile, and application layers.

Determine and optimize costs per user

Optimize costs wherever you are in your DaaS journey. Eliminate the guesswork by knowing exactly what is needed and continue to optimize post-deployment to ensure ongoing efficiency and reduce the need for additional resources.

  • Evaluate usage and infrastructure to spot cost savings.
  • Compare potential changes and strategies to lower overall costs.
  • Understand the impact of potential virtualization changes on your budget.

Keep IT and Employees Productive

Reduce soft expenses and regain productivity from fewer session outages, improved application performance, and reduced unplanned downtime. 

  • Catch issues before production and proactively resolve issues before anyone notices.
  • Catch creeping degradation and reduce the number of service-level outages
  • Efficiently fix issues and minimize incident escalations.

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