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EUX Benchmarks

EUX Benchmarks

Build consistent, objective EUX measurements and bridge the gap between technology and user experiences.

Understanding performance and troubleshooting issues, such as unexplained sluggishness, is only possible with clear information. To effectively diagnose problems, determining typical performance based on how an end user experiences their desktop environment is essential.

To assist IT teams in aligning performance with user experience, Login Enterprise includes a specific end-user experience metric. The EUX Score metric measures the overall desktop environment performance from the end-user’s perspective. It considers various factors such as response time, availability, and reliability to provide a holistic view of the user experience. Now, you have a uniform and objective way to measure EUX across all your software images, applications, and desktop environments.

Establish EUX Baselines

  • Establish benchmarks to measure the user experience objectively.
  • Track changes over time to maintain consistent experiences.
  • Quickly understand variances by location, application, or specific worker persona.

Quickly Identify and Resolve Issues

  • Detect even minor deviations in performance and avoid future outages.
  • Leverage low-level benchmarks on CPU, memory, and disk resources to undercover the root cause of poor performance.
  • Utilize advanced analytics and optimize performance proactively.

Prepare for Change

  • Create EUX comparisons that aid with technology evaluations and cloud transitions.
  • Streamline application upgrades and migrations.
  • Correlate and optimize EUX insights across heterogeneous components.

Continuously Improve

  • Set a target EUX Score and focus efforts on improving the overall experience.
  • Identify applications or workloads that cause performance issues and configure the environment accordingly.
  • Demonstrate improvements with stakeholders with easy-to-understand reports.

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