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Cost Tracking

Cost Tracking

Make smarter financial decisions with deep insights into
the cost of your VDI and DaaS environments.

Managing costs in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) environments is complex and poses serious challenges. The multiple layers within these systems often mask true expenses, making cost control an elusive goal. Additionally, the flexibility and scalability that make cloud-based desktops appealing can also lead to unanticipated spikes in operational expenses.

The Login Enterprise Platform addresses these challenges head-on through clear, centralized visibility into the costs associated with VDI and DaaS environments. The platform enables teams to efficiently monitor usage patterns, resources, and performance to its cost and user. By enhancing transparency and enabling informed decision-making, Login Enterprise makes managing the costs of DaaS and VDI environments controllable and predictable.

Maximize Your VDI Resources

  • Implement dashboards that provide real-time data on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and utilization of your VDI resources.
  • Regularly assess potential changes to your VDI setup, such as switching to thin clients or adopting a hyper-converged infrastructure.
  • Ensure your VDI infrastructure is scalable and can accommodate major changes such as onboarding new teams or integration post-merger.

Avoid Surprise Cloud Costs

  • Avoid wasted spending by balancing user experience and costs.
  • Determine the right blend of on-demand and always-on virtual machines.
  • Choose the optimal storage for your VM, user data, user profile, and application layers.

Optimize Costs per User

  • Analyze a granular view of each layer in the stack and assign costs between compute, network, storage, application, and security layers.
  • Compare optimization strategies to bring down the cost per component or by location.
  • Understand the cost impact when changing any component in the stack, for example, adding in a new security agent or application change.
  • Benefit from Login Enterprise being vendor agnostic and continue realizing value even as you change or add vendors.
We were given the directive to move workloads to the cloud while at the same time keeping costs as low as we can. The team performed capacity planning using Login Enterprise with multiple Amazon EC2 instance types to determine the best fit for our Citrix workloads. Based on our environment, the increased density and slightly lower hourly run costs equate to savings of over 40% for one month in AWS.
IT Engineer
Fortune 100 US Healthcare Company
After employing Login Enterprise for testing and identifying acceptable performance standards, we adjusted the virtual machine configuration, reducing the monthly cost per user from $26.16 to $19.62. In a 2500-user environment, this optimization translated into annual savings of nearly $200,000. These financial savings allowed us to redirect resources toward other strategic initiatives.
Assistant Vice President, EUC
US Wealth Management Firm
We have been able to take on more users with the same hardware, so there has been a cost avoidance by using Login Enterprise.
Citrix Team Lead
Not-for-profit Health Insurance Company

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