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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops & Citrix DaaS

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops & Citrix DaaS

Keep a finger on the pulse of your Citrix environment with Login Enterprise’s proactive monitoring platform. Achieve better control with a single solution that monitors performance, cost, and capacity from the end user’s perspective and end-to-end.

Proactively Hunt for Issues

Proactively detect VDI user experience issues and pinpoint the root cause quickly and efficiently.

  • Measure all aspects of the Citrix user experience, including availability, login time, and application performance.
  • Isolate the root cause of VDI slowness from virtual desktop, storage, network, applications, and more
  • Leverage built-in alerts and be the first to know of user experience issues.
  • Predict trends over time to get ahead of creeping degradation.

Optimize Costs

Gain deep insights so you can make smarter financial decisions without sacrificing end-user experience. 

  • Forecast run, CapEx and OpEx costs; reducing the risk of surprise cost overruns.
  • Understand the cost impact when moving to the cloud or changing any component in the stack.
  • Evaluate usage and infrastructure to identify cost savings in real-time.

Avoid Capacity Issues

Plan capacity wisely by forecasting when hosts and guest VMs will run out of resources.

  • Use built-in capacity planning reports to forecast how many more users can be added to each host.
  • Confidently add more users to a current environment while maintaining consistent performance.
  • Get insights for VDI right-sizing and optimization.
  • Detect when newer hardware or upgrades might be needed to maintain/optimize existing environments.

Troubleshoot Slow Logins & Applications

Simulate user logins and application workflows to catch issues before real users are affected.

  • Test login and application performance 24×7.
  • Go beyond application launch with detailed workflows simulating user actions.
  • Establish baselines and compare user experience across locations.
“At Citrix, Login Enterprise is an essential solution that helps us compare various customer scenarios and is integral to our product release process. The built-in Knowledge Worker lets us easily establish key baselines. There isn’t another product in the market that provides us with reliable data to benchmark our products.”

Staff Software Quality Engineer for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops


What is Citrix?

Citrix is a global leader in application virtualization and desktop virtualization technologies. Citrix solutions allow enterprises to make applications and desktops accessible to users anywhere, anytime, from any device and any network. Popular Citrix solutions are XenApp and XenDesktop – available as on-premises or cloud services – allowing organizations to deliver fast and seamless digital workspaces to their end users.

What is Citrix monitoring, and why is it needed?

Citrix monitoring measures the performance of your Citrix environment and alerts IT admins when something happens that might impact the end-user experience. Citrix monitoring tools like Login Enterprise to identify the root cause of problems to provide quicker resolution times.

What tools does Citrix offer to monitor the Citrix stack?

Citrix offers native monitoring tools such as Citrix Director. The drawback is that these tools only tell you about what is happening within the Citrix stack. If you need end-to-end visibility, Login Enterprise is a perfect complement to fill in the gaps.

Can I use Login Enterprise for Citrix Cloud?

Login Enterprise works in both Citrix Cloud and Citrix on-premises deployments – or a hybrid of both! Moving to Citrix Cloud creates different monitoring and cost challenges that Citrix Director doesn’t cover.

Do I need another agent to manage my Citrix services?

Login Enterprise has an entirely agentless approach that minimizes additional strain on the system and proactively monitors 24/7/365.

Simplify Citrix management with Login Enterprise.