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3 Strategies to Use the Top End-User Experience Metric

May 30, 2023

Virtualized desktops are critical in today’s world of work. Yet, regardless of the necessity, organizations across industries face constant change and hurdles when managing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions.

As IT administrators and their teams know, building a smooth-running, cost-effective virtualized desktop environment requires more than just vendor or cloud provider guidance. While those are useful starting points, reliable data is necessary for optimal decision-making regarding any change, from configuring a new environment, deploying routine updating, or planning a cloud migration; concrete data can make or break the overall success of an environment.

Traditionally, teams have relied on CPU, RAM, and storage metrics observed during real-user sessions to measure performance and predict capacity needs. But let’s face it: this approach is not the most reliable option to base decisions on that impact end-users, business continuity, and your budget. With insight into the change impacts to cost, performance, and capacity, delivering the best results for end-users and meeting business demands become much more manageable.

So how do IT admins get from point A to point B to unlock greater visibility? That’s where the 2023 EUX Score comes in! Login Enterprise’s EUX Score metric measures the overall desktop environment performance from the end-user’s perspective. It considers various factors such as response time, availability, and reliability to provide a holistic view of the user experience. The EUX Score helps identify performance issues, optimize resource allocation, prioritize user experience, and evaluate vendor solutions.

In this article, we’ll explain 3 common scenarios where IT admins can leverage the End-User Experience (EUX) Score for better, faster results in optimizing your virtual desktop and applications.

Let’s dive into three scenarios where IT can benefit from the EUX Score:

1.    Migrating to Cloud-Based Desktops

Moving to cloud-based desktops like Microsoft AVD, AWS, or Google Cloud Compute, to name a few, is becoming a common initiative for organizations across industries. The cloud offers benefits in its flexibility, scalability, security, and more. However, the lack of cloud cost visibility or knowing how to determine the costs is even more common. While many vendors offer cost calculators or sizing recommendations, these are not solid enough to hinge your end-user experience or make promises to your finance team.

Nothing is more expensive than a poorly planned, implemented, and operated virtual-hosted end-user workspace. It can impact you, your team, and your organization’s reputation.

Consider this real-world example as one of our customers leveraged Login Enterprise to spot a severe performance issue and stopped the rollout of a new operating system before impacting end-users or encountering a costly disaster, “Login Enterprise identified something which could have caused us a major headache. If we hadn’t used Login Enterprise proactively before attempting to migrate, the business implications would have been quite substantial,” said the IT systems administrator.

The EUX Score is valuable for comparing other vendors when evaluating virtual or physical desktop solutions, as it is a consistent benchmark. In addition, this benchmark allows you to gauge and validate the price and performance of each vendor’s solution. With reliable data and weighing the pros and cons, organizations can better determine the ideal cost per user at a defined acceptable user experience.

2. VDI and DaaS Performance Tracking and Issue Resolution Optimization 

Ensuring that your virtual desktop environment stays in tip-top shape and your business-critical applications always remain available is no small feat. Change is constant in today’s ever-evolving digital workspace, and keeping up with end-user expectations while maintaining system performance is a constant juggling act.

With the EUX Score, IT teams can quickly identify underperforming areas and take corrective action before end users notice a dip in performance. If the EUX Score indicates slow response times or other issues, IT teams can investigate the root cause and implement measures to improve performance.

But the EUX Score doesn’t just capture high-level user experience benchmarks. It goes beyond that, capturing low-level benchmarks on CPU, memory, and disk resources that are often the root cause of poor performance. By exposing those results, Login Enterprise gives administrators valuable insights into which areas of their system require improvement to achieve better results.

By monitoring the EUX Score over time, IT teams can identify trends in performance and make informed decisions about capacity planning, upgrades, or changes to the virtual desktop environment. This means they can avoid future performance issues and keep their virtual desktop environment performing at its best. So, instead of reacting to end-user complaints, IT teams can proactively identify and resolve issues before they become a problem.

3. Maximize virtual desktop ROI through optimized configurations.

Achieving optimal configurations can be as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack, especially without the right unit of measurement. How do you know which applications or workloads are causing performance issues? How can you configure your environment accordingly without data-backed insights? Without a tool like the EUX Score, it’s like driving blindfolded.

By using EUX Scores, IT teams can quickly identify areas where the virtual desktop environment can be optimized. They can fine-tune the configurations of their VDI and DaaS solutions to meet the needs of their end-users without compromising on performance or resource utilization.

With the proper configuration, your virtual desktop environment can provide a better user experience, increasing productivity, higher satisfaction rates, and better ROI. But how can you measure the impact of these changes? That’s where EUX Score shines.

By tracking the EUX Score before and after implementing changes, IT teams can determine whether the changes have positively impacted end-user satisfaction and productivity. With the proper adjustments, your VDI and DaaS solutions can provide your end-users with the tools they need to succeed. And when your end-users succeed, your organization succeeds.

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