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5 Ways to Makes Azure Virtual Desktop Even Better

March 13, 2023

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is quickly becoming popular for organizations looking to adopt a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution. One of the most significant advantages of Microsoft AVD is its ability to provide a seamless and secure virtual desktop experience for users, allowing them to access their applications and data from any device, anywhere.

AVD also offers excellent flexibility in terms of scalability, allowing organizations to add or remove desktops as needed quickly. In addition, Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure provides a highly reliable and secure environment for desktop virtualization, with robust security features that help protect sensitive data. With these benefits, it’s no surprise that more and more organizations are considering moving to Microsoft AVD as a DaaS solution.

However, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience in these environments can be challenging. That’s where Login VSI’s platform, Login Enterprise, comes in.

Here are 5 ways Login Enterprise ensures a smooth Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) migration:

1. Proactive Monitoring

One of the most significant advantages of Login Enterprise is its ability to provide a 360 ° approach to proactive monitoring of virtual desktop environments. Proactive monitoring is critical for an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) migration because it helps organizations identify and address potential issues before they impact users. When migrating to AVD, organizations move from an on-premises or traditional desktop environment to a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure. This transition can be complex and involves many moving parts, including infrastructure, applications, and data.

Proactive monitoring involves continuously monitoring the performance and availability of the AVD environment. This can include monitoring virtual machines, storage, networking, and applications to ensure they function as expected. By doing so, IT can identify performance issues or capacity constraints before they impact users. This can help avoid downtime or other problems affecting productivity and user satisfaction.

Login Enterprise has a 100% agentless approach, so IT teams migrating to AVD do not have to worry about adding more to their stack. Login Enterprise can simulate real-world user activity through virtual users and help administrators proactively address performance issues or degradation before end-users are impacted. This is particularly important in VDI and DaaS environments since it is typical for traditional monitoring solutions to lose visibility into performance impacts and implications as soon as the users log off. Outside of their workday, IT teams can be ambushed by performance issues in off-hours that were otherwise preventable; Login Enterprise proactive monitoring eliminates this.

2. Cost Savings

Cost is a significant concern for most organizations looking to migrate to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) because it involves a shift from a traditional on-premises or hybrid desktop infrastructure to a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure. From licensing, infrastructure, maintenance, and costs associated with the AVD migration, there is much to evaluate to ensure the organization stays within budget.

Login Enterprise eliminates guesswork and empowers IT teams to understand the full scope of changes that need to be made in addition to optimization. It allows the team to balance cost and optimal user experience.

Cost control does not stop here. Login Enterprise also identifies ways to optimize DaaS environments post-deployment to ensure ongoing maximum efficiency, potentially reducing the need for additional hardware or resources.

3. Predictive Analytics

Login Enterprise goes beyond just identifying issues – it also provides predictive analytics to help administrators plan for future capacity needs. By analyzing historical performance data, Login Enterprise can provide insights into how many users a given environment can support and when additional resources may be necessary. Once an investment is made, Login Enterprise can help ensure maximum ROI and longevity by offering data-driven benchmarks for understanding capacity (VSImax2) and user experience (EUX Score). This helps organizations make informed decisions about when to scale up or down their VDI or DaaS environments.

4. Determine Compatibility

Another critical benefit of Login Enterprise is its ability to determine compatibility across different operating systems, applications, and hardware configurations. This helps ensure that all users have a consistent experience regardless of their device or location. In addition, with Login Enterprise, administrators can identify potential compatibility issues before they become problems for users.

5. Automation and Integration

Finally, Login Enterprise can be easily integrated into existing VDI and DaaS environments, making it a powerful tool for automation. By automating the monitoring processes, administrators can free up time for other tasks and ensure that their environments are always running smoothly. Login Enterprise also integrates with other tools, such as Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and Microsoft Azure Log Analytics, making it a flexible solution tailored to an organization’s specific needs.

Login Enterprise provides numerous benefits through proactive monitoring, predictive analytics, automation and integration, and cost savings. In addition, Login Enterprise helps ensure a smooth and reliable user experience in Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environments. With Login Enterprise, organizations can proactively address performance issues, optimize cost, and ensure end-users remain productive and satisfied.

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