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4 Ways to Take Microsoft RDS and AVD to the Next Level

June 15, 2023

If you are utilizing Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) to provide virtual desktops and applications to your end-users, you are likely aware of the significance of monitoring their performance and ensuring availability.

The ramifications of poor performance can be extensive. From frustrated users and decreased productivity to escalating expenses, IT can become overwhelmed fast dealing with the fallout.

While traditional performance monitoring tools offer some insights into your infrastructure’s overall health and utilization, there is often a gap in visibility into how your end-users truly experience their virtual desktops and applications.

How do I Reduce Latency?

A comprehensive and user-centric approach to performance monitoring is imperative to fill these gaps and achieve complete visibility at each layer.

Adopting advanced monitoring solutions tailored to RDS and AVD environments allows you to gain valuable insights into the end-user experience and proactively identify any bottlenecks or issues that may affect their productivity and satisfaction.

With the ability to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as session latency, connection quality, application response times, and user logon durations, these tools empower you to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and troubleshoot issues promptly.

IT teams can identify patterns, detect anomalies, and implement proactive measures to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

What are Virtual Users in Load Testing?

This is where Login Enterprise shines! As a leading solution for proactive performance monitoring, Login Enterprise uses virtual users to simulate actual user behavior and measure the end-user experience from their perspective.

Login Enterprise logs into your environment like a real user, runs on your virtual desktops, and executes predefined workloads that mimic real user actions. These workloads can include launching applications, opening documents, browsing websites, sending emails, and more, all while validating that these interactions are successful.

Our platform utilizes response time measurements for each action and generates a corresponding score that accurately represents the end-user experience. This metric allows your IT department to quantify and assess even the most minor fluctuations in performance, as well as track performance degradation over time.

With this factual data, you can readily correlate performance issues to specific events, such as implementing a new security agent or OS updates, to pinpoint the root causes of performance hiccups and take swift actions to address them.

4 Ways to Make Microsoft RDS and AVD Run Better: 

Proactive alerts

Identify issues before they impact your users! You don’t need to wait for your users to find a problem, by continuously monitoring your virtual desktops and applications’ the performance and availability, you can be on alert for performance degradation and address potential issues before they impact your users.

Rather than relying on user complaints or troubleshooting after the fact, Login Enterprise empowers you to stay one step ahead. By receiving timely alerts, you can quickly investigate and resolve underlying problems, preventing frustrated users and minimizing any negative impact on productivity.

In-depth analysis

Data is your friend! Evaluate session response times, application launch durations, resource utilization, and user logon experiences to identify areas to optimize RDS and AVD deployments. Detailed analyses enables you to analyze historical data, track performance trends, and make informed capacity planning decisions.

Login Enterprise’s reports and dashboards go beyond surface-level metrics, offering in-depth visibility into various aspects of your virtual desktops and applications. Utilize comprehensive reports and intuitive dashboards for performance trends and insights into bottlenecks that may affect your virtual desktop infrastructure.

Cost optimization

It is critical to balance between user experience and costs within your RDS and AVD environments. Measure and compare performance metrics of different cloud providers to make informed decisions when choosing the most suitable provider for your RDS and AVD deployments.

By leveraging Login VSI, you can conduct rigorous validation and analysis to determine the most suitable setup for your requirements. Through simulated scenarios, you can accurately assess the performance and efficiency of different configurations, allowing you to fine-tune your infrastructure and ensure optimal user experience.

Additionally, you can better determine the ideal sizing and configuration for your virtual desktops and applications—accurately assess resource utilization and determine the optimal balance between user satisfaction and cost efficiency.

Capacity planning

To make RDS and Azure Virtual Desktop work well, it’s important to plan carefully. Understand the needs of different users, allocate the right amount of resources, and ensure a good internet connection. Choose storage that works fast, plan for times when lots of people are using it, and keep an eye on how it’s performing.

By leveraging the capabilities of Login Enterprise, you can eliminate guesswork and gain precise insights into your infrastructure’s capacity, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction. Accurately determine how many users your RDS or AVD environment can support while maintaining acceptable performance levels.

Use our virtual users to simulate real-world user scenarios and measures the impact on system resources, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and scaling. This allows you to confidently optimize your investments, ensuring that your infrastructure can handle the expected user load without compromising performance.

Want to learn more about how to take your AVD deployment to the next level? Read our article on 4 Ways to Ensure Smooth Delivery in Azure.

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