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Cloud VM Instance Selection

Cloud VM Instance Selection

Avoid overprovisioning and surprise costs in the cloud.
Rapidly identify the VM instance that delivers the best
price to performance.

Many organizations consider transitioning to a cloud-based workspace due to its flexibility, ease of management, and scalability compared to traditional on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Whether it involves moving Citrix or Horizon environments to a public cloud provider or adopting Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops, transitioning entails significant changes in existing architecture and introduces a wide array of Virtual Machine (VM) instance options.

Identifying the balance between cost and performance is critical. Getting it wrong could mean poor user experience, compromised productivity, and deployment failure. The Login Enterprise Platform clarifies confusion surrounding transitioning and assists you in quickly identifying the most suitable VM instance. Use industry benchmarks and scalable load testing to streamline achieving an optimal balance between cost and performance, significantly enhancing the likelihood of a successful implementation.

Select the Optimal Instance

  • Leverage data-driven benchmarks for understanding price to performance.
  • Compare instance sizes side-by-side and zero in on the best candidate.
  • Quickly determine the suitable trade-off between cost and performance.

Avoid Surprise Costs

  • Evaluate usage and infrastructure to spot cost savings.
  • Compare potential changes and strategies to lower overall costs.
  • Understand the impact of potential virtualization changes on your budget.
Testing revealed that a particular virtual machine type offered equivalent user performance but allowed for an increase in the number of users per host, leading to a reduction in the monthly cost per user. The cost savings were primarily driven by the price of that instance and a significant reduction in the number of virtual servers required, decreasing our total costs by 25%.
Assistant Vice President, EUC
US Wealth Management Firm
We performed capacity planning using Login Enterprise with across various Amazon instance types to determine the best fit for our Citrix workloads. After analyzing 17 AWS EC2 instance types, we determined that we could implement an instance type that increased the user density 75%. Based on our environment, the increased density and slightly lower hourly cost equates to a theoretical savings of over 40%.
IT Client Systems Manager
Multinational Health Care Services Company

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