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Explore our Latest Release: Login Enterprise 5.7

January 17, 2024

In the rapidly evolving business environment, the efficiency of enterprise applications and systems is crucial. The recent launch of Login Enterprise 5.7 introduces several innovative features and improvements. These enhancements empower organizations and their EUC teams to effectively manage and optimize their virtual desktop infrastructure.

Let’s explore the new Login Enterprise 5.7’s latest additions, improvements, and fixes.

What’s New?

Custom Session Metrics in the Web UI

Before Login Enterprise 5.7, session metrics needed to be added and grouped using the Public Web API. In this release, we have a new user interface for managing session metrics and their groups, which saves time and makes it much easier to track the performance of the sessions where your virtual users are running.

Figure 1 – Session Metrics in the Web UI

Limiting Virtual Users That Collect Session Metrics

Our last release, Login Enterprise 5.6, offered a configuration setting allowing you to limit the number of virtual users collecting session metrics for Load and Continuous testing. This can be helpful if you want to reduce the overhead of collecting performance data, which can be higher when using collection types like WMI.

Another way this feature can be helpful is if you want to see the maximum values of a virtual user’s session metrics. Because Login Enterprise averages the session metrics across multiple sessions, sometimes the high or maximum values can be averaged out (e.g., if one user has a CPU % Utilization of 100% but another has a utilization of 50%, then the average would be 75%).

Figure 2 – Limiting the number of sessions collecting session metrics

Custom Process to Measure Login Time

Login Enterprise uses the Windows Explorer process by default to determine when the desktop is ready for the user in most cases. Sometimes, this process may not be available to the user being tested, for example, published applications or highly secured desktops. When Windows Explorer is unavailable, you can choose a custom process to determine when the desktop is ready. 

Figure 3 – Using a custom process to measure logon timing

This custom process to measure login time is available for all test types in Login Enterprise.

Maximize The Value of Login Enterprise 5.7

Check out the new and improved features in our 5.7 release. We encourage our customers to check out our release notes and help center articles for a complete picture of our regular updates. Access the updated virtual appliance software on the Login Enterprise Download page.

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