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Hardware Benchmarks

Hardware Benchmarks

Use consistent benchmarks and dashboards to know
whether your existing environments can meet
business needs today and tomorrow.

Performance and scalability are the top challenges when deciding what and how to deploy EUC services – whether Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Server Based Computing (SBC), or endpoint devices. Evaluating your environments with Login VSI helps prevent problems down the road, allowing you to grow when needed, and most importantly, ensures end-user satisfaction.

The Login Enterprise Platform helps manage the entire hardware lifecycle – from initial selection, tuning and configuration, validating disaster recovery plans, and ongoing resource optimization until retirement. It’s your one-stop shop for getting your desktop environments operating at peak efficiency. Besides making better and more defensible decisions, you’ll benefit from cost savings by eliminating overspending or underbudgeting.

Manage Capacity with Confidence

  • Use purpose-built capacity benchmarks and dashboards to gauge your runway.
  • Correlate performance insights across heterogeneous components.
  • Optimize associated costs when deploying to cloud-based architectures.

Streamline Technology Migrations

  • Run A/B test scenarios to finetune critical configuration variables and settings.
  • Catch issues caused by idiosyncrasies at endpoints distributed over multiple geographic locations.
  • Test real-world failover and recovery scenarios at max concurrency for a non-stop production environment.

Extend the Life of Existing Investments

  • Confidently add more users to a current environment while maintaining consistent performance.
  • Detect when newer hardware or upgrades might be needed to maintain/optimize existing environments.
  • Evaluate whether existing environments can support newer operating systems, runtimes, or business-critical application upgrades.
Prior to Login Enterprise, we were very reactive – we would just make estimates on the number of users/VM, the number of VMs/server. Now, we are proactive about user experience because we have the tools to accurately forecast performance.
Sr. Application Performance Engineer
Managed Services Provider
Testing revealed that a particular virtual machine type offered equivalent user performance but allowed for an increase in the number of users per host, leading to a reduction in the monthly cost per user. The cost savings were primarily driven by the price of that instance and a significant reduction in the number of virtual servers required, decreasing by 25%.
Assistant VP, EUC
US Wealth Management Firm
We were looking at upgrading our underlying system. We used Login Enterprise to review user experience and wound up deferring the upgrade because it would be difficult to achieve the same user experience with the new operating system without buying more hardware. We avoided the additional £1-2 million purchase on hardware and kept the same user experience.
Citrix Infrastructure Engineer
UK Public Transportation Services

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