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    Top Challenges of Working Remotely

    Due to recent pandemic-fuelled expansion, IT organizations face massive challenges to support a “hybrid workstyle” and remote working requirements. To accelerate the shift, companies expanded or adopted net new VDI or DaaS implementations.

    While the challenges associated with managing these environments are not really new, they are dramatically magnified by the increased organizational role these technologies are playing to deliver complete productivity application suites and enterprise-wide business-critical workloads.

    Top Challenges Facing the Digital Transformation

    As a result, the “legacy” challenges have multiplied exponentially and put a market-wide strain on IT teams that are already understaffed and under-resourced. Here are a few of the topics and challenges facing the workforce and digital transformation.

    • The dramatic shortage of VDI/DaaS expertise (administrators/engineers) in the marketplace
    • The complexity of VDI/DaaS and why traditional IT tools are ill-equipped to address hybrid working
    • Helpdesk’s historical lack of involvement in supporting VDI/DaaS, and the resulting IT inefficiency
    • Why historical data is critical for both Engineering and Helpdesk

    I emphasize with IT leaders who need to make decisions in this scenario and the level of difficulty associated with that. They are faced with a situation where they need to make the right decisions about how an IT organization will handle a complex infrastructure that is increasingly mission-critical to its function and revenue generation. To do so without having the luxury of adequate in-house platform expertise to understand the details and identify the potential pitfalls.

    The typical solution to this problem would be for an IT executive to hire their way out of it by adding subject matter experts to their team and then managing them to success. There are not enough administrators and engineers to fulfill the job market demand. So what’s now?

    Referencing back to the traditional playbook, it would tell you to build, buy, or pull the plug. History tells us that these decisions often lead to wasted time and resources without achieving the desired outcome.

    So how can companies ensure the success of adopting an “anywhere business strategy” while avoiding the enormous costs of trying to achieve that goal?

    We believe the answer is the Login Enterprise Platform that integrates validation, testing, and monitoring capabilities into a single platform for use in evaluation, pre-production, and production environments. Whether teams are planning a change to their digital workspace environments, an application migration or managing the day-to-day lifecycle of patches and updates, teams can create workflows once and leverage them for planning, change impact, and issue detection. Allowing teams to implement efficient automation processes that increase the velocity of change and preserve the reliability of the workspace. The results speak for themselves – predictable CapEx and OpEx costs, fewer incidents and outages, and higher employee satisfaction.


    Watch a replay of Login VSI’s Gartner session on CI/CD – Ensuring Your Continuous Integration Isn’t a Continuous Disaster. Login VSI reviews the forces accelerating change, the black spot in QA testing that results in poor outcomes, the need to drive automated testing in line with automated deployment, and how this can positively affect your change velocity.

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    About the author
    Terry Costello

    Terry Costello is the Lead Presales Engineer in the UK at Login VSI. Terry is a highly experienced presale professional with over 30 years of working for industry-leading IT Technology vendors and system integrators. He has an extensive track record of building customer value with strong relationship management and is skilled in developing strategies and implementing complex programs. Terry has held senior technical/engineer roles at a variety of technology companies and he holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow.