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Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Your systems may be up, but are end users working effectively? With a holistic view of the entire service chain, IT teams can leverage virtual users to proactively monitor core performance and availability. Eliminate “black box” troubleshooting, spot issues sooner, and ensure end-users never feel the impact of system failures or lagging.

Spotted performance issues in minutes versus hours

Less frequent outages and issues

Faster to resolve performance degradation

Fewer session interruptions

Faster insights 24×7

View your desktops and applications through the lens of end-users. Login Enterprise is a step above, going beyond standard login tools to monitor performance whenever, wherever. 

  • Track performance and availability across your environments, sites, and remote workers. 
  • Sample anytime at customizable intervals and trends over days, weeks, or months. 
  • Baseline and validate application performance reflective of end-user behaviors.

Proactively Hunt for Issues

Stay a step ahead of slowing performance so that gradual deteriorations are detected well before they disrupt normal operations.

  • Define thresholds and receive alerts when deviations from expected performance occur.
  • Identify production issues during off-peak hours and resolve them before users start to work.
  • Facilitate root cause analysis to determine the source(s) of the problem(s) and corrective action.

Consistently deliver great experiences

Know where to focus your efforts with experience scoring and issue prioritization. Quickly identify root causes, underlying issues, and how to improve.

  • Establish benchmarks to measure impact of change.
  • Compare results to ensure a similar experience in production or after major change.
  • Quickly understand variances by location, application, or specific worker persona over time.
“The results speak for themselves. We’ve had cases where Login Enterprise trapped issues when none of our monitoring systems did, nor really, could they have. Login Enterprise has really changed how we think about monitoring in end-user computing. It shows in the results we’re seeing and the excellent feedback we’re receiving from our users and affiliates.”
Director of IT
US Healthcare Organization

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