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We've recently made some updates! Login PI has been renamed to Login Enterprise. We’ve put together this brief FAQ to help answer some of your questions.

Login Enterprise FAQ

How long is Login PI 3 Supported?

Support for Login PI 3 ends Jan 9, 2021 (per EULA; 1 year after the release of Login Enterprise 4.0)

If I’m doing compatibility testing with Login AT, what changes?

If you are using it, you’re still supported but we are building this into Login Enterprise over the course of the year.

If I’m doing continuous testing with Login PI, what changes?

Nothing. Updating your Virtual Appliance and Launchers is quick and easy. We have added several ease of use features. Simply request a new license, especially if you are or are planning to run more than 250 sessions at one time.

If I’m doing load testing with Login VSI, what changes?

We are adding load testing at scale into Login Enterprise. This support is aimed at testing applications, in digital workspaces, at scale (up to 500 concurrent sessions). We believe many load testing use cases can already be covered using Login Enterprise. Login VSI is still available if customers are really looking for VSImax or benchmarking different platforms.

We will continue to expand the load testing capabilities in Login Enterprise, with the goal to move all current Login VSI customers to the new platform. We are currently targeting completion by the end of the year.

When will Login VSI no longer be supported?

There is no official date yet. The plan is to achieve product parity in Login Enterprise for the most important Login VSI features. Our goal is to have this done by the end of the year 2020.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or sales@loginvsi.com.