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Login Automation Machine (AM)

Automate the creation and updating of Master images

With Login AM, IT administrators can save time and money on the management of their Master images by completely automating the creation and update process. Login AM breaks apart the different actions of building a desktop image so that updates, new application installs, and operating system (OS) optimizations aren’t lost or redone each time these images are modified. With the increasing pace of OS and application updates, you can focus on just changing one piece and let Login AM completely build your images using the same settings for everything else each time. With Login AM, you never have to build a complete desktop image from scratch again.

Accelerate time to value

Thanks to Login AM, IT administrators can quickly apply any changes to images with the highest quality possible. Since Login AM has been in the market for over 10 years, it has proven to save costs and accelerate time to value.


  • Autonomy: One solution for everything needed to deploy and maintain a virtual desktop environment
  • Rapid automation: An easy-to-use interface and well defined tasks make automating a test lab faster than documenting it
  • Ultra-small footprint: Automating the setup process of any deployment system to eliminate inefficiencies
  • Full scope: Automates every aspect of test labs for a complete hands-off experience
  • Blueprints: Turn automated test labs into reusable, sharable blueprints
  • Extensible: Got an API? Add custom-made extensions for the unique needs of your organization
  • Start small: Start with the most important pieces first and extend later; the low overhead of Login AM makes almost any automated step worth the effort, no matter how small
  • Usage reporting: Get reports on desktop and application usage, perfect for DaaS providers

Automate changes and manual tasks

Frequent changes to VDI, Citrix XenApp or Microsoft RDS environments are common for IT administrators and organizations. Updates, changing end-user requirements and deployment of new applications require many manual tasks that are repetitive in nature. Manual updates cause human errors and server configuration fragmentation leads to complex troubleshooting and recurring incidents.

In complex virtual desktop environments, it is even more important to stay in control and maintain a predictable end-user experience. To be able to deliver a high quality service in a 24/7 environment, it is essential to automate changes to the highest degree possible. This improves the quality of service and saves time and money resolving incidents resulting from incorrect updates. It also lets you easily set up identical test environments on-demand, eliminating the need to maintain these costly environments. Login AM does this with a click of a button.

Quick response to change

Login AM allows IT administrators to fully automate day-to-day deployment and configuration tasks quickly and easily. It focuses on the ever increasing need of IT organizations to be flexible and quick to respond to any kind of change and/or business demand, while keeping the quality of the services up to the highest standards the business has come to rely on.

Flexible and lightweight solution

The design of Login AM closely follows this idea and aims to enable flexibility through a lightweight architecture based on a non-intrusive Microsoft PowerShell module and file-based database, which is implemented using XML. The basic setup of the Login AM installation consists of a Login AM server that holds the file-based database, and the user interface, to create and configure Login AM instances. As the complete configuration of Login AM is stored in a single file share, daily management tasks, like backups, become relatively straightforward without the need for any additional costly components.

Usage reporting for providers

For those customers who must track application and desktop usage, Login AM 2017 provides reporting features that help understand system utilization. This is something clients might want to be able to charge for. Application usage reporting provides detailed information regarding the number of users accessing different applications, as well as showing how many individual uses per application, per a given timeframe. Desktop usage reporting records the maximum number of concurrent sessions and/or the number of unique users at specific times, per day/month, on your platform. Discover platform usage trends over longer periods, while also seeing your usage peaks per day. If you’d like to learn more about this new feature, check out Usage Reporting for DaaS providers with Login AM.

Login AM manages and automates:

  • Automated creation and maintenance of images, including applications and configurations
  • Integration with SCCM to pull in packages used for image creation
  • Software deployments
  • On-demand system configuration
  • System and application hardening
  • Instant creation and maintenance of test and (user) acceptance environments
  • Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon and Microsoft RDS application publication
  • Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon and Microsoft RDS farm creation
  • User environments and profiles on virtual desktop environments


Login AM User Management

User Management - Add/modify users easily via the new web console

Login AM Environment Management

Environment Management - Add/modify environments easily via the new web console

Login AM Image Management Progress

Image Management Progress - Deploy images quickly via the IM wizard

Login AM Image Management Sealing Options

Image Management Sealing Options - Use default or custom commands to seal the image

Login AM Image Management VM Configure

Image Management VM Configure - Configure VMs with just a few clicks

Login AM Usage Reporting

Usage Reporting - Gain greater insights into system utilization

Login AM Tenant Management

DTAP chain is now called Tenants

What our customers are saying

Bastian Maier - MöllerGroup

“Login AM leads to a considerable reduction of the workload and a noticeable increase in performance. With Login AM, it is now possible to make new Office applications available to the 185 users at the Citrix locations with just a few clicks.”

Bastian Maier, IT Team Leader at MöllerGroup

Herby Schenker - iSource

"Login AM proved to be a solid product that has been developed continuously since its implementation and has contributed enormously to simplifying our processes. We are extremely pleased with the solution."

Herby Schenker, CIO and CTO at iSource



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