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Login AM: Efficiently Automate, Maintain and Deploy Virtual Desktop Environments

Login AM provides easy deployment, maintenance and management of dynamic Windows infrastructures and applications, on-premise or in the cloud. With Login AM, IT administration and organizations can significantly improve the performance, stability and agility of any virtualized desktop environment. Login AM ensures an agile workspace that is based on real life Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) scenarios and the needs of end users.

Accelerate time to value

Thanks to Login AM, IT administrators can quickly apply any changes with the highest quality possible. Since Login AM has been in the market for over 10 years, it has proven to save costs and accelerate time to value.


  • Business continuity: Consistent and predictable IT infrastructure
  • Service agility: Flexible IT services without compromising service levels
  • Scalability: Rapid deployment of large scale public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Control: Control of change management by automating repetitive tasks
  • Cost-savings: Fast installation, lean infrastructure requirements and affordable license structure

Automate changes and manual tasks

Frequent changes to VDI, Citrix XenApp or Microsoft RDS environments are common for IT administrators and organizations. Updates, changing end user requirements and deployment of new applications require many manual tasks that are repetitive in nature. Manual updates cause human errors and server configuration fragmentation leads to complex troubleshooting and recurring incidents.

In complex virtual desktop environments it is even more important to stay in control and maintain a predictable end user experience. To be able to deliver a high quality service in a 24/7 environment it is essential to automate changes to the highest degree possible. This improves the quality of service and saves time and money resolving incidents resulting from incorrect updates. It also allows to easily set up identical test environments on demand, eliminating the need to maintain these costly environments. Login AM enables this, with just a click of a button.

Quick response to change

Login AM allows IT administrators to fully automate day-to-day deployment and configuration tasks quickly and easily. It focuses on the ever increasing need of IT organizations to be flexible and quick to respond to any kind of change and business demand while keeping the quality of the services up to the high standards the business has come to rely on.

Flexible and lightweight solution

The design of Login AM closely follows this idea and aims to enable flexibility through a lightweight architecture based on a non-intrusive Microsoft PowerShell module and file based database that is implemented using XML. The basic setup of any Login AM installation consists of a Login AM server that holds the file based database and the user interface to create and configure Login AM instances. As the complete configuration of Login AM is stored in a single file share, daily management tasks like backup become relatively straightforward. Without the need for any additional costly components.

Login AM manages and automates:

  • Software deployment
  • On-demand system configuration
  • System and application hardening
  • Fast creation of operating system images including applications and configurations
  • Instant creation and maintenance of test and (user) acceptance environments
  • Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon and Microsoft RDS application publication
  • Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon and Microsoft RDS farm creation
  • User environment and profile on virtual desktop environments


Login AM Blueprint Import Wizard

Blueprints - Deploy entire IT environments with a few clicks

Login Am Dynamic Composition

Dynamic Composition - Combine packages and collections into layers

Login Am Automated Image Creation

Automated image creation - Save a lot of time by turning collections into images

Login Am Dtap Compare Dialog

DTAP wizards - Easily transport changes from your test to production systems

Login Am Dynamic System Configuration

Dynamic System Configuration - Use standardized actions for servers & apps

Login Am Automatic Active Directory Creation

Active directory group - Automatically create AD groups with predefined settings

Login Am Software Deployment

Software deployment - Keep server configurations consistent, even over time

Login Am User Environment Management

User environment management - Facilitate different users, apps and settings

Login Am System Security Hardening

System security hardening - Easily apply security settings to restrict access

What our customers are saying

Stefan Krämer - Phoenix Group

"Login AM is very important for our business critical systems that require identical servers across the Citrix farm to be able to solve errors."

Stefan Krämer, Manager IT, Phoenix Group

Fritjof Berenbak - KPN

“Login AM provides both cost reduction and quality improvement of the Citrix infrastructure because it is much easier to keep our test and acceptance environment identical to the production environment, simplifying the total DTAP process. New applications are tested well and yet released quickly.”

Fritjof Berenbak, Operations Manager at the Department I&O at KPN IT NL

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