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Login AT for Bulk Application Compatibility Testing

Lower cost of operation dramatically through fully automated testing of large numbers of applications. Leveraging the virtual user technology from Login VSI.

Large organizations may have hundreds or more applications running on their Microsoft Windows platform. Prudent organizations require a compatibility test for every application after every upgrade or other change in the relevant infrastructure (hardware and software).

With the flow of software changes growing constantly, the need for application compatibility verification grows accordingly. To cope with the challenge to keep all applications working after every change done, organizations relied on costly and inconsistent “testing armies” or on traditional software tools such as AppDNA, considered hard to use and often unreliable.

Introducing Login AT for Bulk Application Compatibility Testing

  • Login AT is a Login VSI virtual user based software solution to automatically health-check large numbers of applications (application compatibility)
  • Login AT automatically starts all available applications and verifies that they start successfully (using first screen comparison)
  • Login AT replaces labor-intensive manual checking of applications before/after releases of new Vdisks/images, or any other potentially compatibility disturbing change
  • Login AT works well in any type of Windows environment, physical or virtual

Login AT for Bulk Application Testing top 5 advantages:

  • Reduce cost of compatibility testing dramatically
  • Increase your test frequency through automation
  • Improve your test outcomes (over manual testing)
  • Centralize and standardize reporting (over manual testing)
  • Handle different starting pages by “Learning” application idiosyncrasies

Test large numbers of applications in four simple steps

  • Creating lists of application to be tested and logically organizing them in ‘recipes’ is very easy (application binaries do not need to be imported/installed in VA). Recipes are groups of applications you organize by role, department, geography, or other
  • As a baseline, a screenshot is made of every application after startup, which is then stored in a database for reference. This step is needed only once for every application.
  • After every change that needs verification, Login AT automatically checks all applications. In every test, every application is automatically started and a screenshot is made and compared with the initial screenshot in the database, so to verify successful startup.
  • A dashboard shows a ‘match’ or ‘fail’ report for each ‘recipe’ and for each individual application. Necessary mitigation efforts are now easy to focus on the right applications.

Login AT

For more information about how the virtual user technology of Login AT can increase the quality and consistency of your bulk application compatibility testing process, while dramatically lowering cost, please contact us.

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