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Login PI Active Monitoring

Protect the performance and availability of centralized virtual desktop environments

The Login PI active monitoring solution uses a single synthetic user running 24/7, to monitor and to safeguard the optimal performance and availability of your own (or outsourced) virtual desktop infrastructure and associated business applications.

Login PI active monitoring is part of the Login VSI Enterprise Edition (EE), the complete solution for proactive end-user experience optimization and protection for VDI & DaaS, and is using the same virtual user technology as the Login VSI load-generator solution.

Login PI tests, measures, and alerts you on every change that affects the performance of desktop and application logons, as well as the actual processing of tasks-in-an-application. Login PI also provides information about protocol latency and network performance.

Login PI active synthetic monitoring complements traditional VDI monitoring

The active monitoring of Login PI complements traditional monitoring solutions that may already be in place. Traditional monitoring solutions are very useful to fix problems quickly, but are reactive, infrastructure focused, work with inconsistent real users and only function during business hours. Login PI is proactive, end-user experience oriented, uses very consistent virtual users, works 24/7 and prevents problems.

Robust dashboards, data integration and reporting

The Login PI dashboard, provides a current health status, along with the application user experience versus threshold levels, network latency trending, and much more. Login PI alerts are published to Windows Event Logs, for easy data integration with management and monitoring solutions, such as Splunk!, SCOM and HP OpenView. Login PI has a REST web API for data integration with BI-tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau and Qlik.

Login PI feature highlights

  • Easy to install and use: Login PI uses standard Windows-based hardware
  • Vendor agnostic: Login PI works with all SBC, VDI, and DaaS (and even fat clients)
  • Industry workloads: Login PI has a library of industry specific workloads
  • Easy customization: Workloads can be easily adapted or fully customized
  • Standalone use: Login PI comes with a full dashboard, reports and alerts
  • Integrated use: Login PI integrates with classic monitoring solutions and BI tools
  • DevOps ready: The virtual user of Login PI and Login VSI supports the entire cycle

Login PI is especially suited for the following:

  • 24/7 pro-active monitoring and management of user experience
  • Guaranteeing (customer and employee) application availability
  • The detection/prediction of performance impact of unplanned changes
  • 24/7 verification of user experience at different remote locations
  • Checking the adherence to SLA’s with providers of cloud-based services
  • Protecting the user experience of Bloomberg and other business applications


Login PI Dashboard

All the detailed information you need about your VDI environment in one overview

Login PI Email Alert Details

Receive automatically generated alerts with detailed information

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