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Login PI: Real-World Performance Insights on Virtual Desktops

Many tools are available to report on resource consumption of your desktop virtualization solution. These tools show the usage of components like CPU, RAM, and network and storage throughput. These metrics only tell half of the story though – when these tools show near or full capacity utilization, what’s the net effect on the user experience? Max throughput on your storage might indicate that users are waiting on the storage, or it might indicate caching that actually improves the user experience. Login PI goes beyond the metrics, to show you what users are actually experiencing.

Use Login PI to:

  • Monitor the end user experience, without affecting end-user productivity
  • Provide early warnings on performance, before they are experienced by end users
  • Generate reports on historical data to identify trends and determine uptime

How does Login PI work?

Login PI gives performance insights by simulating real users and real user tasks. The virtual user logs in and launches common applications, recording how long it takes for the tasks to complete. The system then watches for any large discrepancies in the results and can generate alerts based on those discrepancies. For example, if logging on normally takes seconds, but one day takes minutes, Login PI will notify an administrator that something is not working as expected in the environment. Login PI works in any Windows-based virtualized desktop environment including VMware Horizon, Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, and Microsoft RDS.

Maximize user experience

Anyone who has worked on a desktop virtualization project can tell you: if what you deliver to the end user doesn’t work as well as the physical desktop they’re used to, they won’t use it. Login PI makes it very easy to establish a performance baseline, and validate that the performance is within the boundaries you expect it to be.

Prevent user downtime

Login PI acts as an early warning system to IT when the end user performance of your desktop virtualization system is impacted. If a gateway or broker goes down, Login PI will detect and notify IT before users start calling the help desk. Ever have that one host that is accepting connections, but only delivering a black screen with no desktop to users? Login PI will detect and notify IT of those, too. Any scenario that prevents users from getting to their desktop and apps – WAN outages, authentication servers not available, app publishing failures – Login PI can detect and alert IT – allowing work on a fix to start before helpdesk phones start ringing.

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Create and meet SLAs

The data collected by Login PI allows you to see at a glance when you have outage periods or prolonged periods of unacceptable performance. This is great for IT to show stakeholders what they’re doing to enable user productivity, and for stakeholders to validate that they’re getting the uptime they’ve been promised by IT (or the uptime they’re paying for from a desktop hosting provider).

Identify performance trends

Login PI can display charts of performance over a time period, enabling IT to identify performance trends: Are there consistent times of day or days of the week when login or app response times suffer? Do you see a general trend where login time slowly increases? Login PI helps spot those trends early so you can mitigate them.

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Increase ROI on your VDI products

The insights that Login PI provides allow IT to prioritize investments. Users may complain that “VDI is slow” but Login PI reveals that it’s only the boot/startup process first thing in the morning that is slow. Instead of spending budget adding hardware, IT can focus on the process of provisioning desktops – prestaging them so users aren’t waiting on them to boot up – freeing up the budget for other projects and improving user satisfaction at the same time.

Not “Yet Another Monitoring Dashboard”

A key goal of Login PI is to provide alerts to commonly used management and monitoring tools, so it’s not another console to monitor. Login PI uses Windows Event Logs to report alerts on thresholds and availability of the desktop and application. Existing monitoring consoles can be configured to display these events, so you can see the Login PI data in your existing dashboard.


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