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Avoid VDI Problems.
Test with Login VSI.

Login VSI offers a suite of software solutions to help provide the best possible user-experience and application performance in any type of centralized Windows environment: VDI/SBC/DaaS/Fat clients.

  • Login VSI - industry-standard for VDI load testing
  • Login PI - 24/7 performance & availability testing
  • Login AT - application compatibility testing


VMworld 2018 Award Best of Digital Workspace Category

Login VSI Enterprise Edition

For all organizations using centralized virtual desktop environments to provide applications to their end-users, we offer the Login VSI Enterprise Edition, the complete solution to protect VDI performance and availability.

The Login VSI Enterprise Edition offers a unique combination of synthetic load-testing and pro-active monitoring capabilities, allowing enterprises to design, build and maintain VDI environments (both infrastructure and applications) that can provide, and safeguard, the optimal end-user experience.

The Login VSI load-testing solution generates a large number of synthetic users to test and protect the performance and scalability of your new and existing VDI, SBC and DaaS deployments. The Login PI active monitoring solution uses a single synthetic user running 24/7, to safeguard performance and availability of your virtual desktop infrastructure and applications.

Login VSI Vendor Edition

For vendors that build and market hardware or software solutions that are a part of VDI, SBC or DaaS infrastructures we offer the Login VSI Vendor Edition.

Login VSI’s Vendor Edition is the de-facto IT-industry standard in VDI performance load-testing and benchmarking. All IT vendors (both hardware and software) that are serious about providing their customers with a well-performing virtual desktop infrastructure, rely on Login VSI technology.


CTO's, IT-Directors, service managers and admins of leading organizations worldwide rely on Login VSI

Login VSI Our Clients

  • Jamie Vernon - STARTEK

    "Login PI enables us to minimize system downtime and deliver strategic business value like never before."

    Jamie Vernon, VP of IT and infrastructure at STARTEK

  • Rob Girard - Tintri

    "You would be somewhat nuts to go to production with VDI without first and constantly re-evaluating with Login VSI. Always run all your changes through it so there are no surprises. Surprises in VDI never just hit one or two users--it's all or nothing.”

    Rob Girard, Technical Marketing Engineer at Tintri

What the industry is saying about Login VSI

  • Testimonial Gartner


    "Login VSI is the de facto standard for SBC and VDI benchmarking"


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