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Ten Tech Leaders Form the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance to Help Organizations Navigate Remote & Hybrid Work Solutions

April 2, 2021

Alliance Aims to Simplify the Evaluation of Digital Workspace Technology So Organizations Can Focus on What They Truly Need

CARY, N.C. (April 6, 2021) – Ten technology leaders have joined forces to launch the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance™, an organization committed to providing vendor-neutral education and resources so organizations of all sizes can develop a tailored strategy for enabling secure remote & hybrid work. Initial members of the Alliance include Cameyo, appCURE, deviceTRUST,, Fortinium, IGEL, Login VSI, PolicyPak, Tehama and Tricerat.

“It’s time to rethink business, work models, IT strategy and re-examine all areas of business operations to help enable employees to be productive and secure from anywhere,” said Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “Businesses want to address current needs while challenging models of the past to embrace technology in ways never seen before. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the emergence of the ‘Digital Workspace,’ but unfortunately that is a term that is not well defined, causing confusion among technology buyers.”

The Alliance’s first goal is to help standardize the definitions for the various technologies involved in the Digital Workspace to make it easier for organizations to understand their options. To do so, the Alliance has released its first industry white paper which outlines the different segments of the Digital Workspace technology ecosystem. The report provides a definition of each technology, a list of vendors – both associated with the Alliance and not associated – to evaluate for each technology, and the information needed to help organizations assess which technologies fit their specific needs.

“The Digital Workspace is a framework of technologies that can integrate to help organizations enable their entire workforce – whether remote, in-office, or hybrid – to securely and productively work from anywhere (WFx), on any device. But without standard definitions of the various technologies involved in the Digital Workspace, it’s not easy for organizations to determine which solutions they actually need based on their specific use cases,” said Robb Henshaw, Co-Founder & CMO of Cameyo, a Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance member. “For this reason, the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance has come together to create a vendor-neutral guide to understanding and evaluating the various components of the Digital Workspace ecosystem.”

The term “Digital Workspace” has been co-opted by thousands of technology providers, all of which try to define the Digital Workspace in a way that skews the definition towards the particular technology they deliver. But there is no one singular Digital Workspace solution today – instead, there is an ecosystem of solutions. The Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance aims to simplify the navigation of that ecosystem so that organizations can identify and select only the technologies that address their particular requirements, rather than saddling them with the cost and complexity of many products/capabilities they don’t need.

A Common Goal of Customer Education

“appCURE are delighted to be part of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance and look forward to working on changing the way we approach Application Transformation to allow every application to be run in the Modern Desktop. Being part of this Alliance allows a common, directed strategy to deliver the best Digital Workspace Solution to our customers,” said Steve Horne, CEO of appCURE.

“Customers win when technology vendors work together to make it easier to identify the right solutions for their specific needs,” said Robb Henshaw, Co-Founder & CMO at Cameyo. “As organizations work to empower their people with simple, secure solutions so that they can productively work from anywhere, they’ve been forced to wade through a lot of competing information that leads to confusion, not clarification. We’re excited to be joined by the rest of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance members to help provide customers with the information needed to create the Digital Workspace strategy that works best for them.”

“deviceTRUST with its contextual security helps to provide secure digital workspaces. We are proud to be member of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance and help organisations transform to a modern digital workspace,” Said Jens Schmidt, CSO of deviceTRUST.

“ is proud and excited to be one of the founding partners of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance. We pride ourselves on being a Cloud-First, Serverless Print Management Solution redefining the way organizations think about printing. With other members of the Alliance, we’re ready to help organizations assess their needs and find the best solutions for their workspace transformations,” said James Gilmore, Head of Product of

“True business value comes from well-selected and integrated solutions. At Fortinium we believe that cooperation of vendors combined with customer-oriented education will lead to great decisions and long lasting business relationships,” said Rey Schallberger, CEO of Fortinium.

“IGEL has always embraced and believed in the importance of cross-vendor alliances and partnerships. The need to work from anywhere (WFx) is shaping the future of Digital Workspaces and hence we are excited to join the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance,” said Simon Townsend, CMO of IGEL.

“Login VSI is proud to be part of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance. Maximizing the end-user experience for all digital workspaces is the primary objective of Login VSI. We accomplish that objective with our automated testing platform, but we are delighted to be part of a group with a unified, common purpose,” said Paul Campaniello, Vice President of Marketing of Login VSI.

“Managing and securing the digital workspace at the policy level is critical to ensuring consistent and compliant access to corporate endpoints,” said Jeremy Moskowitz, Microsoft MVP and CTO of PolicyPak. “PolicyPak is excited to help build and define a policy management framework for the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance, as organizations shift between a remote, on-premises and hybrid workforce.”

“Tricerat is thrilled to be one of the founding partners of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance, as transforming end-user computing has been in the core fiber of our organization for over 24 years. This alliance is pivotal to providing authentic education to the EUC space, particularly during a time when the ability to work from anywhere is expected,” said Hannah Byrne, COO of Tricerat.

To download the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance’s white paper, including an assessment guide for determining which technologies your organization can benefit from, click here.

About the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance

The Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance is a consortium of technology leaders dedicated to helping organizations enable secure productivity for all of their people – including remote, in-office, and hybrid workers. Together we are committed to providing the vendor-neutral education and resources needed to empower organizations of all sizes to develop the Digital Workspace strategy that makes sense for their business. To learn more and to download the white paper, visit

Media Contact:
Robb Henshaw
CMO of Cameyo, on behalf of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance

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