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governmentThe 100% availability, and 100% reliable performance of citizen service and other applications becomes more and more important to government organizations. Modern government organizations are turning to virtual desktop environments like VDI and DaaS to improve efficiency, flexibility, data accessibility, and security. To secure and protect the 100% availability of applications running in these (often fragile) environments, is a key concern for every government organization.

The unique combination of load-testing and active monitoring capabilities of Login VSI Enterprise Edition (EE) complements traditional monitoring solutions that may already be in place. Where traditional monitoring solutions are reactive, infrastructure focused, need real users, and help to fix problems; Login VSI EE is pro-active, user experience oriented, uses virtual users and helps to prevent problems. For this reason many state, local and federal governments (see examples below) are using Login VSI to guarantee a uninterrupted and productive end-user experience to their citizens and employees.

The workloads used by Login VSI can be used right out of the box to mimic the most common user types. As we are very active in the government market we have built additional workload scripts (available as reusable building blocks) for many of the standard government applications. This makes further customization of workloads for your organization an easy task. Contact us for more information about the latest details.

Login VSI Enterprise Edition can help government organizations with:

- Building solid on-premise environments (benchmarking, sizing, scaling)          
- 24/7 pro-active monitoring and management of user experience           Read more...
- Guaranteeing a high degree of (citizen/internal) application availability           Read more...
- Impact validation of planned infrastructure or application changes           Read more...
- The detection/prediction of performance impact of unplanned changes           Read more... 
- 24/7 verification of user experience on different remote locations           Read more...
- Checking the adherence to SLA’s with providers of Cloud-based services           Read more... 
- A good performance and availability of your standard government applications           Read more...

To read a government reference case, click here

Login VSI Enterprise Edition offers a complete solution to pro-actively prevent performance problems in VDI or DaaS. Contact us for more information and pricing.


Michael Bernas - Workers' Compensation Board Alberta

“We've used Login VSI for the past 3 years as part of our Disaster Recovery Exercise. It's not only helped us in validating the functionality of our Citrix XenApp farm, but it's also been an invaluable tool in proving the number of concurrent connections into the environments. It’s allowed us to take our theoretical numbers and put actual real life data behind them.”

Michael Bernas, Workers' Compensation Board of Alberta

Eddy Zeehuisen - Gemeente Utrecht

“We didn’t want any surprises within our operating IT environment. Login VSI has brought up several performance improvements in the infrastructure. These were addressed together with the implementer and the various vendors.”

Eddy Zeehuisen, Program Manager U-Cloud at Gemeente Utrecht (Municipality of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Some of our public sector customers:


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