Webinar: Azure/WVD Sizing Guide Enterprises - Login VSI
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    Azure Virtual Desktop Sizing Guidance for Enterprises

    Performance expert and Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) sizing guru Blair Parkhill hosted another groundbreaking session on Azure Virtual Desktop.

    This one contains sizing and performance-related information, including FSLogix on Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session and a sneak preview of Login VSI’s latest Task, Office, and Knowledge Worker profiles. Lastly, Blair also shows you some clever testing automation and ways to find the perfect Azure instance for your remote workforce

    Key Takeaways:

    • Updated guidance on sizing Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts for productivity users when using FSLogix Profile Containers
    • Measuring performance from 3 angles, including Login Enterprise, Windows PerfMon and Azure Monitor for Azure Virtual Desktop
    • Test methodologies for determining best end-user experience, performance and reliability, while keeping it easy, fast and low-cost


    Login VSI Webinar - Webinar: Azure/Windows Virtual Desktop Sizing Guide Enterprises - Blair Parkhill

    Blair Parkhill
    Product Director, Login VSI

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