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    Login Enterprise 4.9 Now Available

    We are excited to announce the latest release of the Login Enterprise Platform. This release includes several improvements and technology updates. Read on to discover more about the release and when you are done, be sure to download and update your environment to take advantage of these exciting changes.

    Auto-Update Improvements for Secure Environments

    Login Enterprise now includes proxy support for greater flexibility. Proxy supports allow customers a more secure way to enable the auto-update feature to provide regular and effortless access to new functionality and security updates.

    Easier Application Management

    Importing applications like the industry-standard Knowledge worker is easier than ever. Application imports now consist of a single file so they can be easily imported and shared.

    Improved Search Option

    A new search option lets you effortlessly find items on long tables.

    Diagnostics Sharing

    To improve product support, you opt-in to share diagnostics with Login VSI and enhance your user and support experience.

    Load Test Results Changes

    By default, EUX score, VSImax, Active sessions, and Logon Window are now selected on the load test result page.

    VSImax2 Improvements

    VSImax² was modified to provide more consistent results. The modification corrects rare cases where the score could be slightly off due to an unfavorable choice of the measuring interval.

    Technology Updates

    • Custom Timers may now be included in your result set to correlate external metrics (e.g., Citrix CVAD or VMware Horizon metrics) with Login Enterprise standard timers (e.g., EUX score) for advanced analysis.
    • Support for VMware Horizon 2106 has been added.
    • Public API v6-preview now returns TestRunId for application and load tests allowing for easier integration and data analysis in external tools.
    • Database maintenance is now part of the Login Enterprise upgrade process, improving response times and reducing disk usage.

    Download the Latest Version

    Existing customers may access the update files on the Login Enterprise Download page.

    Ready to start your EUX improvement journey?

    If you’re ready to see how Login Enterprise can help you improve your EUX, request a demo or contact us for more information.