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    Login Enterprise Release 4.8 Now Available

    The latest release of Login Enterprise introduces the most popular and requested features from the traditional Login VSI product. These new features allow you to quickly understand the impact of planned or unplanned changes and help you determine the most optimal and cost-effective solutions for your organization – reducing digital friction while providing end-users with the best experience.

    Let’s take a deeper look at the features!

    Introducing the EUX Score

    The Login Enterprise EUX Score provides an objective way to evaluate how the overall experience changes as more users log into a particular VDI infrastructure or as changes are rolled out that may impact the overall system. Instead of piecing together disconnected pieces of performance data from each component of the digital workspace, the EUX Score characterizes the overall stack experience so that every change to production delivers a great end-user experience.

    EUX Summary Details

    Figure 1 – EUX Summary Details


    EUX Score Comparison

    Figure 2 – EUX Score Comparison

    Introducing VSImax2 – The Latest Industry Benchmark

    For over 10 years, the industry-standard VSImax has been used by the largest vendors in the VDI technology ecosystem and by numerous Fortune 50 customers to determine the maximum user density of a VDI solution. Login Enterprise debuts VSImax2.

    VSImax2 builds on the original benchmark and delivers an updated methodology for even better results. The results represent a more reliable way to detect at which point performance falls off and no longer provides a quality user experience. With an easier-to-use report, you can understand the results in a simple and easy-to-read format.


    Figure 3 – VSImax information shows you can make 16 users very happy with this performance

    Standardized Knowledge Worker Workload

    Login Enterprise 4.8 offers an update to the industry standard Knowledge Worker workload, including popular Microsoft 365 applications like Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel. The workload emulates real users interacting with each of these applications. It’s now easier to define the list of actions and develop a workflow that reflects how your end-users really work.

    Knowledge Worker Workflow

    Figure 4 – A typical knowledge worker workflow

    Knowledge Worker

    Figure 5 – The Knowledge Worker automatically interacts with the Microsoft Office suite

    Wrap Up

    Check out the Login Enterprise 4.8 Release Notes to read more on the complete list of features and technologies. Existing customers can download Login Enterprise today from the Software Download page.

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    Blair Parkhill

    Blair Parkhill (@SANspyder) joined Login VSI in the summer of 2015 as the director of products. Blair has been a marketing leader, avid architect and supporter of customer-focused technology solutions and technical marketing since the late 1990s. Residing in tiny homes located in the mountains of Colorado and jungles of Costa Rica, he tries to spend as much time as he can traveling, playing music, exploring the jungle, walking on beaches, and hiking in the mountains – when he’s not playing with the product, geeking out with the latest tech, presenting, testing or blogging.