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Login VSI and Jetpatch: End-to-End Patching and Testing

One of the key benefits of Login Enterprise is its open architecture. It contains a powerful API enabling the platform to work seamlessly with any third-party software.

Additionally, Login VSI is fortunate to have an extensive partner ecosystem. A great example of the intersection of these two items is our recent integration with JetPatch.

Login Enterprise and JetPatch combine to accelerate the entire patching process. Once JetPatch is completed, Login Enterprise can seamlessly test the results of the patching process. JetPatch helps break down the patching results, while Login Enterprise provides necessary information about the testing of an application. Login Enterprise automatically opens and tests any application in the recently patched environment.

Login Enterprise will determine if any application performance was adversely affected by the patching process. Application testing can help secure your business. It is often undervalued even though it is an essential part of the patching process.

Application compatibility issues come up, and proper testing is needed. Together JetPatch and Login VSI have partnered to help customers include application testing in their patching process.

The automation and testing from Login VSI and JetPatch improve efficiency and provides intelligence in change management. The integration of both solutions delivers an end-to-end system that closes the methodology gap, accelerates the time to remediate for OS and application vulnerabilities by taking people out of the process and having a repeatable testing methodology.

Watch the video to learn more:

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Paul Campaniello

Paul Campaniello is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Login VSI. He is responsible for global marketing and communications, including GTM strategy, sales enablement, brand management, product marketing, demand generation, and analyst & public relations. Paul has held senior marketing roles at a variety of technology companies and he holds both a BS and a MBA from Bentley University.

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