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    [Press Release] Login VSI Releases Login Enterprise 4.0

    Login VSI Releases Login Enterprise 4.0

    New Application Load Testing Functionality Maximizes End-User Experience

    Amsterdam, Netherlands and Boston, MA (January 30, 2020) – Login VSI, the company dedicated to maximizing the end-user experience, today announced the general availability of Login Enterprise 4.0 (formerly called Login PI). This release adds application load testing to its continuous desktop and application testing platform.

    Login VSI increases the breadth of its change management testing capabilities by adding application load testing. Login Enterprise 4.0 can now be used in pre-production where applications and workspaces can be stressed to ensure that planned changes in the technology stack do not disrupt the end-user experience and productivity. This complements the existing capabilities to continuously test applications and end-user experience in production environments, notifying operations teams when availability or performance issues arise.

    “Enterprise IT organizations are being forced to deploy more changes to their infrastructure, faster. And deploying changes to any component in the technology stack can have a significant impact of application performance. Load testing as part of a change management process is therefore crucial” said Eric-Jan van Leeuwen, CEO of Login VSI. “Application performance is business performance. Using Login Enterprise to load test applications will ensure the maximum end-user experience – saving time and money.”

    Leveraging a new modern architecture and enhanced capabilities of synthetic users, enterprises can use the same interactions for application load testing in pre-production and continuous performance and availability testing in production environments.

    Additionally, version 4.0 delivers support for recurring maintenance windows as well as enhanced logging that includes screenshots of the failing applications, for faster troubleshooting and resolution. Read our FAQ to learn more.

    About Login VSI

    Login VSI is the only solution in the market guaranteed to maximize the end-user experience for digital workspaces. We do this by using synthetic users to automatically test and validate the impact of change in physical, virtual and cloud-based workspaces – safeguarding application and desktop performance. Login VSI has over 400 customers in 50 countries. For more information, visit Login VSI.


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