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Managing Changes Within Your Enterprise Windows Environment Is Not Simple

As the Director of Customer Services, I speak with many experts about the issues they encounter with user experience.

Often, the primary cause for many user experience issues stems from the moment risk is acceptable to meet production demands. Its influence on the process of providing desktops and applications is sometimes causing problems.

Recently, Microsoft (MS) has decided its position towards forced upgrade paths.

For a while, there has been a resistance amongst administrators to have Microsoft control the patch cycle. MS is again enforcing this through KB4023057.

The reason for this struggle could primarily be pinned on some reliability issues with the releases but also costs associated with testing. Still, each additional iteration compounds this, and generally, you need more hardware / operational expenses to keep up with the demand.

Login VSI Blog - Managing Changes Within Your Enterprise Windows Environment Is Not Simple - Image 1 - Login Enterprise Performance Availability Testing

Login Enterprise Performance Availability Testing in action

As a result, the patch has been repeatedly added and removed within recent history, resulting from pressure by community members. Most administrators had taken preventative measures to ensure they controlled the flow of significant patching efforts. With the reintroduction of this patch, these methods will again be disabled within your base image.

We have been continually saying over the last five years that many of our end-user’s primary concerns were their ability to meet the patching cycle frequency, introduced with this new OSaaS (I’m trademarking this one) model. We shall see what happens this time around, but I have some concerns.

Make sure you are testing! If you aren’t, contact us to learn how we can help.

About the author

Brian is Login VSI’s Director of Customer Services. He is responsible for ensuring operational excellence in supporting and implementing our solutions within customer environments. Having worked in IT consulting for the last 15 years he loves to share field engineering expertise, and customer services management experience with others. In his free time, you will find him blogging or producing vlogs for LinkedIn. His written content is syndicated on Citrixology.

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