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    [Press Release] Login VSI Releases Login Enterprise 4.4

    Advanced Testing Software Predicts Performance, Reduces Risk and Improves Business Continuity

    Boston, MA, and Amsterdam, Netherlands (January 14, 2021) – Login VSI, the company dedicated to maximizing the end-user experience, today announced the general availability of Login Enterprise 4.4. This release provides IT managers with the ability to quickly test and compare the performance characteristics of desktop images. Additionally, the release includes a new global map view that displays performance and availability data for any digital workspace around the world.

    The new comparative testing capability expands the testing cycle into pre-production. It enables IT managers to find and maintain an optimal balance between performance and cost very quickly – displaying the data on an easy-to-read dashboard. An IT admin can quickly compare the performance of two pre-production desktop images before and after applying a patch. This predictive performance data accelerates the rate of change analysis, reducing risk, and eliminating downtime.

    “In today’s IT environment, continuous delivery of change has become the norm. Login Enterprise is making it easier to do more testing – and to do it more rapidly,” said Michael Kent, CTO of Login VSI. “Login Enterprise already supports an open API to drive accelerated testing. The addition of comparative testing will enable IT managers to quickly analyze -visually- how updated desktop images perform before promoting them to production status. Increasing the overall speed and performance of the process.”

    The new world map (see image below) presents a global view of business continuity for executive management. Login Enterprise visualizes the availability of all digital workplaces around the globe, predicting application availability, minimizing the risk of business standstills, maximizing the end-user experience, and improving overall business continuity.

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    About Login VSI

    Login VSI is the only solution in the market guaranteed to maximize the end-user experience for digital workspaces. We do this by using synthetic users to automatically test and validate the impact of change in physical, virtual and cloud-based workspaces – safeguarding application and desktop performance. Login VSI has over 400 customers in 50 countries. For more information, contact us.

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    Nonna Druker

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