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A Winning Trifecta: How ITQ, Login VSI, and Liquidware Enhance IT

April 4, 2024

Recently, we engaged in a collaborative discussion with teams from ITQ and Liquidware. ITQ is an end-to-end IT solutions provider and VMware specialist who uses both Liquidware and Login VSI’s solutions regularly to deliver next level value for customers.

During our conversation we touched on into the nuances of automation, the complexities of large-scale IT ecosystems, employing tools for continuous delivery and monitoring, and prioritizing end-user experience.

Here Are The Top 3 Takeaways From Our Conversation:

Key Takeaway 1: Streamlining Image Validation and Management

A focal point of our discussion revolved around the pivotal role of automation in refining and optimizing processes, particularly for image validation and management. Johan van Amersfoort and Edwin de Bruin from ITQ elaborated on their innovative approach, ITQ Image as Code, which streamlines image building and validation through automated systems. This methodology diminishes the likelihood of errors while enhancing operational efficiency.

Van Amersfoort emphasized the necessity of automated processes when making changes, such as application or base image modifications. According to him, automation serves as a safeguard against oversight. “You want to be aware of what’s happening in a platform—it could be application changes or base image changes—you need a process in place that automates the checking of the impact of a change,”

Edwin echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the power of efficiency with Login Enterprise. “We can automate the entire image from scratch and automatically validate the entire image, all the applications we implemented, and get a report in the email just in one flow.”

Key Takeaway 2: Harnessing Tools for Enhanced Visibility and Proactive Management

A cornerstone of ITQ’s strategy involves preemptively identifying and remedying issues before they impact end-users. This proactive stance is achieved through continuous platform optimization and real-time data aggregation. By preempting potential issues, ITQ ensures an uninterrupted and superior user experience.

Edwin explained how using Login Enterprise, they can validate applications and how the entire process is coming from an end-user perspective. Virtual users can simulate end-to-end actions; use it to log in, start the application, and perform tasks just like an end-user.

Key Takeaway 3: The “Infinity Loop of Awesomeness”

ITQ adopts a continuous delivery approach dubbed the “Infinity Loop of Awesomeness.” This strategy entails perpetually refining the platform based on customer feedback, application insights, and empirical data. This iterative process of improvement ensures a consistently high-quality user experience.

ITQ leverages both Login Enterprise and Liquidware to enhance user experiences. While Login Enterprise validates images and conducts user simulations, offering valuable behavioral insights, Liquidware facilitates real-time monitoring, furnishing a comprehensive platform overview for proactive issue resolution.

Tools provided by Liquidware and Login VSI provide valuable data that can be used to optimize IT infrastructure and improve user experience. Especially in sectors finance and healthcare, where IT systems are critical and need to be operational 24/7, these tools can help in ensuring the smooth functioning of IT infrastructure. The combination of Liquidware and Login VSI provides an end-to-end solution for managing and optimizing IT environments.

Van Amersfoort commended Liquidware and Login VSI for their partnership and acknowledged their contributions to ITQ’s objective of delivering exceptional customer value through knowledge and services rather than merely selling licenses. “A big shoutout to both Liquidware and Login VSI. I think you guys are perfect examples of vendors who truly understand the value of Partners. In our case, we sell knowledge, services, and customer value. You both invested in us as a company to create that customer value–to have that end-to-end success. I’m looking forward to what the future will bring”, said van Amersfoort.

Further Insights from ITQ and Login Enterprise

Edwin’s work on implementing and resolving issues related to FSlogix might interest those intrigued by our conversation. IT consultants can obtain crucial insights by utilizing Login Enterprise’s session metrics displayed during load and continuous tests.

Edwin elaborated on capturing session performance metrics, including CPU and memory usage and FSlogix Cloud Cache behavior, without needing additional agents or tools. To delve deeper into Edwin’s findings, you can explore his full article here.

By fostering collaborative partnerships and embracing innovative solutions, ITQ, Login VSI, and Liquidware are happy to partner on the quest for excellence in IT environment management.

Want to check out the full conversation? Watch it now on YouTube!

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